Addilan Group Launches to Elevate Facility Services 

Hatfield, Pa. — Addilan Group is a new, national multi-site facility maintenance company, supporting a wide variety of commercial businesses — including retail and restaurants — with a focus on service and communication. The vision is to build long term relationships with its employees, clients and partners based on trust, respect and honesty through company culture, superior customer service and technology.

“Addilan Group is not starting from scratch, we’re starting from experience,” says Steve Vollrath, co-founder. “We believe service and communication are keys to building long term successful partnerships with our clients. Our technology, our expertise and our attention to detail allow us to provide exactly what our clients need so that they can focus on their business.”

Addilan Group provides critical core services to its commercial clients — from kitchen maintenance services such as hood cleaning and grease trap services to fire and life safety inspections, ensuring compliance and cleanliness.

“We seek to provide more than just facility services,” explains Justin Yaskowski, co-founder.  “We seek to provide peace of mind. The trust that we build from clear, timely communication is the basis of our long term partnerships and it’s what lets our clients focus all their resources on what’s really important to them.”

Addilan Group supports multi-site clients by providing grease trap services, hood cleaning programs, cooking oil services, fire and life safety Inspections, waste management and pest control in all 50 states. Addilan Group’s customized preventative and reactive maintenance programs give you a valued partner, ensuring that your facilities are protected and compliant.  Its commitment to your success is supported by dedicated account teams focused on understanding your unique business needs, providing service validation and working towards exceeding your SLAs and KPIs. For more information, visit


SOURCE: Addilan Group

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