Protecting People — & Property

— By Casey Hoffhines — The importance and functionality of parking lot bollards to protect your stores, restaurants and customers.   Parking bollards are short, protective posts that are embedded into the ground and serve as a parking lot safety

Moving Forward

— By Sean Gillespie — Why it’s important — even during challenging times — to keep multi-site painting programs consistent and on track.   There is no question the past few years have presented more challenges than solutions relative to

The Road to Energy Sustainability

— By Jason Narod —   Why it pays for your retail and restaurant facilities to be grid-interactive.     Rising costs, energy mandates, electrification trends and more prevalent power disruptions — as seen recently in California and Texas —

All In On Energy Efficiency

— By Al Subbloie —   How one Arkansas-based IHOP operator received new equipment, lowered his energy bills and improved operations without out-out-pocket costs.   Restaurants use anywhere from five to seven times more energy per square foot than other

First Impression

— By Kait Paradowski — The benefits of custom mosaics for F&B and retail applications.   In order to stand out from the competition, restaurants and retail spaces are seeking thoughtful ways to create memorable experiences and touchpoints for patrons

Straight to the Source

— By Scott Green — How odor management can prevent pest infestations.   Retail and restaurant establishments dealing with unwanted pest issues are like a ticking time bomb. One batch of contaminated food or product, one pest sighting posted on

Gig Economy

— By George Lessmeister —   6 reasons to ‘go gig’ — and give hourly workers the flexibility they want.     Sitting at a restaurant we’ve all become more patient. We know staffing is tight. And we know the

Future of Lighting

— By Sonja Berry —   From LED retrofits to lighting controls and daylight harvesting, this is where efficient, cutting-edge commercial lighting is headed.   It is well known that upgrading your company’s lighting system to LED greatly reduces energy

Proactive Protection

— By Shawn Morrow — Proactive practices to protect your retail/restaurant roof when severe weather strikes.   Severe weather events can be considered the Number 1 enemy to a commercial roof. Depending on where a building is located in the

Protecting Outdoor Diners

— By Rob Reiter —   A new law in California creates insurance incentives for installation of safety barriers to protect outdoor diners and other pedestrians.     As outdoor dining and similar streetside venues became commonplace throughout the U.S.

In Service of Experience

— By Cindy Price — Superpowers your business can’t ignore: customer service and customer experience.   Are you aware that your business possesses superpowers? It’s true. Like Dorothy and the ruby slippers, you’ve had them all along. So what are

Leaning In To Labor

— By Ashik Ahmed —   Scheduling hacks to foster a thriving workplace.     Across industries, happy employees are likely to be more productive and yield favorable customer satisfaction rates in return. This is especially true for restaurants and

Cultivate Wellness

— By Jared Bradley — Anticipating the future of wellness F&B in construction.   Participating in the wide world of architecture, design and construction takes on different meanings to each individual, especially when it comes to cultivating spaces that speak

Valuable Coverage

— By Doug Groves — Is your commercial property insured correctly?   The world of property ownership has changed dramatically in recent years. With interest rates increasing, the overall cost of building materials going up, and the market value of

The Rise of Micro Fulfillment Centers

— By Balmiki Bhattacharya —   Micro fulfillment centers are on the rise — and here to stay.   The fundamental changes in consumer behavior have caused an essential shift in how items are delivered. The rise of e-commerce has

Equipped for Efficiency

— By Jason Roeder — Advancing restaurant and retail sustainability: the power of equipment data.   Last March, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) proposed new rules that will impact every publicly traded multi-unit retailer or restaurant. If the regulations

Facility Stair Safety

— By Del Williams — More effectively preventing slips and falls on high-traffic stairs.   New, high-tech epoxy formulation offers longer lasting traction, visual warnings at tread edges, and a tactile element to prevent slip-and-falls more effectively in high-traffic areas.

Moving to Innovation

— By Rob Tedesco —   The next digital frontier for restaurants.   Brands have spent the past few years adapting to a digital-first mindset. They’ve reoriented their businesses toward programs like online ordering, invested in their tech stacks and

Channeling Commitment

— By Kristin Naragon —   Communicating a brand’s commitment to environmental impacts requires transparency in today’s omnichannel shopping landscape.     More so than ever, consumers are inundated with choices. For any given product or service, they have a

What a Waste Program

— By Michael Hess —   5 tips for successful waste management in the retail and restaurant industries.     Owning a restaurant or retail location comes with a great deal of responsibility — including waste disposal. Regardless of business

Need a Boost?

— By John Moody —   Insights for boosting profit margin with technology.     According to the USDA, the level of food price inflation for restaurant food purchases rose 7.4% from May 2021 to May 2022. While some operators

Operator Era

— By Bryan Falk —   How to meet customer expectations, maximize efficiency and deliver the ideal brand experience.     As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, customers are changing the way they shop, dine and spend money. This

Around the Clock

— By Jason Menser —   Knowing the right people in 24-hour facilities management helps improve the overall flow of business and maintenance concerns.     Building maintenance is a part of sound building management. It raises the property’s total

Restaurants Clean Up

— By Randolph Bush —   Thanks to commercial-grade air purifiers, smoke-free air entices customers to linger longer and order more from the menu.     For restaurants, too much accumulated indoor tobacco and food prep smoke and odor can

All Systems Go

— By Erin Zaske — Understanding proper stormwater management.   Stormwater compliance is not optional. Many property owners are unaware that stormwater is regulated by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) through the Clean Water Act (CWA), and that

Safe & Sustainable

— By Jay Fiske — Optimizing facilities in the “new normal.”   Facilities managers responsible for dozens of restaurant or retail sites have always needed “multiple pairs of eyes” to ensure every location is operating optimally. Now, the need is

Models of Operation

— By Rashida Salahuddin — Why retailers must navigate muddy waters of ESG requirements.   The need for more corporate responsibility has evolved for today’s corporations and the next generation of business leaders in the form of environmental, social and