Moving to Innovation

— By Rob Tedesco —   The next digital frontier for restaurants.   Brands have spent the past few years adapting to a digital-first mindset. They’ve reoriented their businesses toward programs like online ordering, invested in their tech stacks and

Channeling Commitment

— By Kristin Naragon —   Communicating a brand’s commitment to environmental impacts requires transparency in today’s omnichannel shopping landscape.     More so than ever, consumers are inundated with choices. For any given product or service, they have a

What a Waste Program

— By Michael Hess —   5 tips for successful waste management in the retail and restaurant industries.     Owning a restaurant or retail location comes with a great deal of responsibility — including waste disposal. Regardless of business

Need a Boost?

— By John Moody —   Insights for boosting profit margin with technology.     According to the USDA, the level of food price inflation for restaurant food purchases rose 7.4% from May 2021 to May 2022. While some operators

Operator Era

— By Bryan Falk —   How to meet customer expectations, maximize efficiency and deliver the ideal brand experience.     As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, customers are changing the way they shop, dine and spend money. This

Around the Clock

— By Jason Menser —   Knowing the right people in 24-hour facilities management helps improve the overall flow of business and maintenance concerns.     Building maintenance is a part of sound building management. It raises the property’s total

Restaurants Clean Up

— By Randolph Bush —   Thanks to commercial-grade air purifiers, smoke-free air entices customers to linger longer and order more from the menu.     For restaurants, too much accumulated indoor tobacco and food prep smoke and odor can

All Systems Go

— By Erin Zaske — Understanding proper stormwater management.   Stormwater compliance is not optional. Many property owners are unaware that stormwater is regulated by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) through the Clean Water Act (CWA), and that

Safe & Sustainable

— By Jay Fiske — Optimizing facilities in the “new normal.”   Facilities managers responsible for dozens of restaurant or retail sites have always needed “multiple pairs of eyes” to ensure every location is operating optimally. Now, the need is

Models of Operation

— By Rashida Salahuddin — Why retailers must navigate muddy waters of ESG requirements.   The need for more corporate responsibility has evolved for today’s corporations and the next generation of business leaders in the form of environmental, social and

Remodel With Modular

— By Rodney Jarboe — How modular trash enclosures keep dumpsters out of sight, but not out of mind.   In the not-so-distant past, almost nobody was paying attention to the design or materials used for dumpster enclosure construction. A

Lone Danger

— By Matt Smitheman — Protecting lone workers in a retail or restaurant setting.   As retailers and restaurants continue to revamp their business models to keep pace with customer expectations, many are increasingly relying on lone workers for opening,

A Lot To Look At

— By Jason Srain — How to use your parking lot to make a great first impression.   According to a Princeton study published by the Association for Psychological Science, first impressions are made within the first 7 seconds of

Cooking Up Value

— By Bruno Hanelt —   Unlocking hidden value and difference-making savings in restaurant (re)construction projects.   Restaurant owners and operators looking to expand to new spaces are facing some structural market headwinds right now that makes completing reconstruction and

Now Is the Time

— By Doug Groves — Is your retail business insured for a cyber attack?   A critical piece of information for retail businesses and franchisees to consider is the exclusion of cyber liability from standard insurance policies. In fact, most

Long Term Strategy

— By Tom Dawson — Tips to extend the life of a roof.   A new roof is a substantial investment that can cost thousands of dollars. With adequate maintenance and attention, a roof’s lifespan can be significantly increased. If

Crash Course

— By Garrett Fishaw — Storefront crashes: the incoming cost you can’t afford.   60 times a day. More than 4,000 injured annually. As many as 500 killed each year. According to the Storefront Safety Council, those are the statistics

Maximizing The Experience

— By Jon Jaggers — Cross-pollinating your retail experience: store-within-a-store, dual brands, and sub-brands.   In today’s retail climate, many customers are looking for experiences beyond the store. These days, more and more brands are partnering with other businesses to

Current Data

— By Ramez Naguib, P.E. — Mitigating COVID-19 spread in restaurants using CFD analysis.   The world is having an unprecedented time due to the pandemic. Currently, more than 93 million people have been infected, and over 2 million people

Catalyst for Transformation

— By John Gajewski, MRICS — Retail strategies for leveraging historic assets to build a competitive edge.   In a highly competitive, complex and dynamically shifting retail market, all eyes are on innovative solutions, and the conditions created by the

Reliable Roof Data

— By Tom Coble — How facility managers can improve the performance of their roofs without increasing spend.   We’re at an exciting time in the national commercial roofing industry (yes, I said “exciting” and “roofing” in the same sentence)

SMB Employers Want to Hire More Workers

— By Chuck Casto —   While the majority of SMB employers want to hire more people, the percentage of small businesses facing labor shortages continues to rise in key industries.   The U.S. Jobs Report was a highlight of

Are You Experienced?

— By Charlie Meyer — How brick-and-mortar retailers can leverage in-store technologies to beat the online competition.   The last 2 years have been absolutely awful for owners of physical stores. Online competition has been around for decades, of course,

Before The Flood

— By Tiffany Largey — 5 steps to prepare your property for a flooding emergency.   Flooding is the most common natural disaster and leading cause of weather-related deaths. It is becoming a larger threat each year with 25-30% of

Be Prepared

— By Bill Flynn — Preparedness is the best protection against workplace violence.   Restaurant and retail workers have been on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic since the beginning. Every day these essential workers are exposed to the


— By David Sansenbach — Efficient energy management requires high-quality power, not just high-quality equipment.   For businesses in an industry that operates on tight margins, restaurants have incredibly intensive energy demands that continuously increase costs and challenge the bottom