Parking Lot Safety

— By Bob Lester — Tips to ensure outdoor spaces are structurally safe for al fresco dining and more.   Enjoying a delicious meal in the sunshine and warm breeze is one of the most pleasant experiences to come out

What Does the Lot Say?

— By Carol E. Carey — Does your parking lot and exterior say your company is clean and inviting — or stark, dark and unsafe?     Deciding not to keep your parking lot and building exteriors clean and fresh

Leading the Charge

— By Conner McGill — Why retailers and restaurants are investing in EV charging stations.   If electric vehicle (EV) charging has sparked your interest recently, you’re not alone. Retailers and restaurants across the country are giving more consideration to

Protective Priority

— By Matt Calo, P.E. and Huston Dawson, P.E. — Safety should be top priority as businesses turn to outdoor space due to ongoing indoor restrictions.   As spring arrives and states across the country continue to revise their restrictions

What to Know: On the Go

— By Michelle Egan — What you need to know when adding or updating curbside pickup service.   Prior to the pandemic, it could be argued that many (if not most) restaurants offered takeout while some actually had curbside pickup.

Open For Business

— By A.J. Dilenno — The importance of your parking lot during and after COVID-19.   COVID-19 may have put dining out on hiatus in many areas, but that doesn’t mean customers have abandoned their favorite restaurants. To meet customer

A Lot to Consider

— By Dr. Andrae Holliday, Sr.   Accessibility requirements for your retail and restaurant parking lots.   According to, more than 50 million Americans — 18% of our population — have disabilities. Each one is a potential customer. Studies

Does Your Lot Make the Grade?

— By Jaron Srain —   How to tell if your parking lot meets commercial standards.   The first thing a client sees when they pull up to your business is not your sign, your landscaping or even your building.

Maintaining Your Floors Outdoors

— By Bob Lester — Keep your outdoor walkways as safe as your interior floors: How to avoid parking lot slips and trips this winter.   The weather has gotten colder, precipitation in many regions of the country has turned

Can’t Find Parking?

— By Chris Scheppmann — A smart, simple solution to a holiday nightmare.   Retail executives across the United States recently had to face their annual holiday parking nightmare. Holiday sales represent about 20% of annual sales each year (with

Let’s Pave Welcomes New Employees

Oak Brook, Ill. — Let’s Pave, LLC, a leading national provider of specialized paving services and solutions, has hired three new employees to help lead its growing sales team and accounting department. Jim Breech, director of business development, has more

Light & Liability

— By Ted Stouch — Parking area liability: are you vulnerable? In a retail or restaurant setting, a dark and foreboding parking lot or garage is a business owners’ worst nightmare. While a perfect setting for a horror movie, in

Maintain a Little, Save a Lot

— By Mike Rosen — How your parking lot can drive down operating costs.   Of all the areas you’re responsible to maintain, the parking lot is one of the largest. And, in the fast-paced retail and restaurant industry, it

Real Savings

— By Ted Stouch — The financial benefits of converting parking lot lighting to LED.   Anyone who has been in any part of the facility business, for even a short amount of time, has read, talked about or spoken

Let’s Pave Appoints New President and Partner

Oak Brook, Ill. — Let’s Pave, LLC, a leading national provider of specialized paving services and solutions, has hired veteran industry executive Jeff Lax to join the company as president and partner. Lax was most recently president and CEO of

The High Costs of Low Bids

— By Adam Kulpa — How the lowest asphalt bid might cost you more in the long run. Replacing a parking lot is a huge investment for most property owners. It is also a huge liability when it comes to

Mastic Makes it Possible

— By Lee Lowis — Durable parking lot repairs with less downtime.   Henry Ford did not invent the automobile, nor did he invent the assembly line. His efforts did bring the horseless carriage within reach of the middle class.

All Access

ADA parking — don’t get caught on a slippery slope.

U.S. Pavement Services to Open New Office in Florida

Woburn, Mass. — U.S. Pavement Services Inc., a full-service paving and pavement maintenance contractor headquartered in Woburn, Mass., will open a new office in Sarasota, Fla., in February. The new location will house the company’s national project management team, adding

Rose Paving Opens Canadian Headquarters

Bridgeview, Ill. — Rose Paving, the largest American parking lot management service provider in North America, recently opened its official Canadian headquarters in Sarnia, Ontario. The goal of the expansion is to continue to seamlessly provide commercial property owners across