Proactive Protection

— By Shawn Morrow — Proactive practices to protect your retail/restaurant roof when severe weather strikes.   Severe weather events can be considered the Number 1 enemy to a commercial roof. Depending on where a building is located in the

Watterson Appoints New Chief Growth Officer

Schaumburg, Ill. — Watterson has appointed Lisa M. Fry to chief growth officer. As a global business leader with more than 25 years of experience in the commercial real estate industry, Fry specializes in business strategy, facilities management and enterprise

All Systems Go

— By Erin Zaske — Understanding proper stormwater management.   Stormwater compliance is not optional. Many property owners are unaware that stormwater is regulated by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) through the Clean Water Act (CWA), and that

Crash Course

— By Garrett Fishaw — Storefront crashes: the incoming cost you can’t afford.   60 times a day. More than 4,000 injured annually. As many as 500 killed each year. According to the Storefront Safety Council, those are the statistics

Before The Flood

— By Tiffany Largey — 5 steps to prepare your property for a flooding emergency.   Flooding is the most common natural disaster and leading cause of weather-related deaths. It is becoming a larger threat each year with 25-30% of

In Case of Emergency

— By Amanda Anderson — Do you have a team in place to react and respond?   It is nine in the evening and the doors to your business are locked, drawers counted, shelves faced for a successful tomorrow. The

Tiered Response

— By Ian Nicolson —   How to answer the tough business continuity questions.   Severe weather poses many challenges for retail and restaurant operators, but the most significant is parsing through and analyzing the fire hose of incoming weather

From Fire to Ice

— By Shaw Hergenrather —   Are you ready for a Texas-sized deep freeze? Nine ways restaurants and retailers can prepare for and mitigate winter disasters.     Winter is coming. Even if truly cold weather rarely hits your part

Know the Drill

— By Steve Peldiak — The importance of having a disaster plan in place — prior to the emergency at hand.   Did you know, there is a new bill being introduced to streamline disaster recovery assistance? It is named

Watterson Celebrates 20th Anniversary in 2021

Schaumburg, Ill. — This year, Watterson is celebrating its 20th anniversary. For 20 years, the Schaumburg, Ill.-based company has been “Doing Whatever It Takes” 24/7 in the emergency and disaster response, surplus property and facilities management, property redevelopment and environmental

Preparing for Two Storms

— By Steve Peldiak — Hurricane response during COVID-19.   This is one of the most active seasonal forecasts that NOAA has produced in its 22-year history of hurricane outlooks,” says U.S. Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross. “We encourage all

Surplus Store Management

— By Steve Peldiak — What to look for in a surplus property managing partner.   The safety of your families, workforce, partners and customers was understandably top of mind once COVID-19 emerged. Now we are all embracing the forthcoming

MaintenX Urges Facility Managers to Plan for Summer Challenges

Tampa, Fla. — 2020 has been difficult for facility managers (FMs), especially those in small businesses. Challenges surrounding cash flow, remote work and personal safety are understandably top of mind. In addition to all these COVID-19 related challenges, hurricanes and

FM Case Study: MaintenX is on the Scene

Tampa, Fla. — There is no good time for store flooding, but it’s even more difficult for facility managers during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, for one Georgia facility manager, MaintenX was able to turn around a bad situation, quickly, professionally

High-Tech Emergency Response

— By Steve Peldiak — A spilled glass of water can easily be resolved. But the same amount of water on the floor from an unknown source could represent a major costly repair.   Spring showers and the winter thaw

After Hurricane Dorian, MaintenX Shares Lessons Learned

Tampa, Fla. — States along the Atlantic coast experienced Hurricane Dorian’s force in early September after the storm lingered over the Bahamas and skirted along the east coast of Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina. While the 2019 Atlantic

Thoughts on Thermal

— By Brent Lammert — Thermal imaging tools for post-hurricane water restoration and remediation. Thermal imaging tools integrated with moisture meters can speed up the post-hurricane recovery process, improve repair quality, and add to contractor credibility. A thermal imaging camera

ServiceMaster DSI Names Director of Strategic Marketing

Chicago — DSI Holdings Corporation, the largest owner and operator of ServiceMaster franchises in the United States, has hired Michael Ganda as its new director of strategic marketing. His primary responsibility will be overseeing DSI’s web site and digital presence.

Restoration Management Company Opens New Location Near Denver

Denver — Restoration Management Company, a California-based restoration services company, has opened its 13th location in Littleton, Colo. The expansion is a direct result of the tremendous growth Restoration Management Company (RMC) has experienced. RMC provides 24-hour emergency and restoration

Prepare for the Worst

Expect the best, but plan for the worst-case scenario when hurricane season begins.

When Water Invades

Damage to industrial and retail properties from floods and hurricanes goes beyond repairing physical structures.

Houston Strong

[EDITOR’S NOTE: A version of this story first appeared in our September 20, 2017 e-newsletter. Responses are from mid-September.]

Restore Construction Saves 100-Year-Old Bar Damaged by Fire

Cicero, Ill. — The owners of a 100-year-old bar that had been a center of nightlife in Cicero, Ill., until it was damaged by fire last year, indicated that Restore Construction not only saved their building but also gave their

Power Play

Don’t get caught in the dark — make sure your backup power is hurricane ready.

Recover, Restore

The ‘ins and outs’ of disaster recovery in retail and restaurant settings.

Unprepared = Disaster

If you do not have an emergency response program backed up by a responsible emergency response company…you have a problem.