Commercial Grade

— By Nelson Salas — Commercial vs. residential plumbing: A business owner’s guide to hiring the right professional.   Nowadays, navigating the plumbing world has become increasingly easy. Referral sites such as Angie’s List, Craigslist, Offerup and Thumbtack create numerous

Optimize Performance & Costs

— By Paul Bothner — Proper water heater selection impacts your restaurant’s bottom line.   As the restaurant industry reopens its doors after the national shutdown, owners are even more focused on improving operating profits. One area of evaluation needs

Water Works

— By Paul Bothner — Selecting proper water heating solution can improve restaurant’s bottom line.   Restaurants use as much as five to seven times the amount of water per square foot than other commercial businesses, according to the National

Silver Linings

— By Bradley Vanover — When epoxy pipe restoration makes (dollars and) sense. The first call to our national facilities maintenance group was an emergency. Sewage was backing up into the restroom of a major department store. Not good for

Super Trap

The importance of trap seal primers in health care and commercial buildings.

Water Turns High-Tech

The key to reducing water consumption is using it efficiently. Today’s water-using systems and technology not only use less water, but do so with little or no impact on users.

Liner Notes

How to prevent pipe failure by using pipe lining technology.

The Repipe Alternative

Alyscia Sutch, Marketing Coordinator, Nu Flow Technologies Rehabilitating your pipes doesn’t mean destruction.