How to Reconnect

— By Matt Brown — Considerations for a successful return to growth for restaurants and retailers. When the COVID-19 pandemic sent everyone into their homes in March, businesses had to make fundamental changes to their operations. The restaurant industry “doubled-down”

Workable Response

— By Deb Millette — Advice for facilities management teams in the midst of COVID-19.   [EDITOR’S NOTE: This article originally appeared in the May 2020 issue of Retail & Restaurant Facility Business magazine.] In the face of the worldwide

Out Of The Darkness

— By Theresa Phelps —   Dark store management during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.   During this uncertain time, we know it’s causing stress on multi-site companies including retailers and restaurants. As we like to say, “We’re in this

Risky Business?

— By Christine Cunning, CIC —   Considerations for restaurants converting to delivery during coronavirus.   These are incredibly challenging times for individuals and small businesses across the country. Few industries have been hit as hard as the restaurant industry.

Digital First

— By Mike Welsh —   Retail curbside pickup and mobile apps are here to stay — what that reliance on a digital platform means for the industry moving forward in a post-COVID world.   In an effort to understand

Great Adaptations

— By Jill Woodside — Facilities management during crises: Best practices to succeed.   Numerous risks surround facilities management and those problems swell during major facilities management crises. The COVID-19 crisis is the most obvious, but its impact on facilities

Delivery on Demand

— By Ahmed Abouelenein — Today, ghost kitchens are more important than ever.   Early on, The Halal Guys embraced the possibilities inherent in ghost kitchens as a tool to expand the reach of our business and grow revenue. We

3 Tips For a Safer Retailer & Restaurant Return

— By Jude Charles —   Retailers and restaurants all around the country are slowly considering the prospect of reopening their doors as federal, state and local restrictions begin to relax. While welcoming customers and employees back to your business

Finding A New Normal

— By Matthew Mabie —   While retail & restaurant construction is considered essential business, it’s still a far cry from “business as usual.”   The federal government deemed construction an essential industry during the COVID-19 pandemic, but it hasn’t

Re-Entry for Retailers

— By Aaron Birney and Lara Marrero —   Returning to the store in a post-pandemic world.   The retail landscape has changed dramatically in the last few weeks. Many brands went from welcoming a solid holiday season to shuttering

Pros Among the Cons

— By Michelle Boggs — While COVID-19 has undeniably disrupted operations, MUTTS® Canine Cantina has found some advantages among the challenges.   MUTTS Canine Cantina®, a dual-concept restaurant and dog park with locations in Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas, has

Here to Help

— Interview with Christina Cornell — The Home Depot, which remains open during COVID-19, prioritizes the safety of its employees and customers, while still getting the job done.   The Home Depot is the world’s largest home improvement specialty retailer,

Finding the Right Fit

— By Kyle Orlowski —   Top 5 questions retailers should ask when evaluating janitorial vendors.   A spotless facility shows employees and customers that you take pride in your business and are committed to providing an outstanding customer experience.

Long Term Investment

— By Graham Campbell —   Choosing a new POS: 5 tips to avoid unexpected costs in the long run.   Shopping for a new POS system can be a difficult process. Whether owners have a restaurant, salon, retail store

How to Make Tech Work for You

— By Matt Dailey —   Creating efficiency in property management through technology.   It’s no secret that technology is changing the way we live, work and shop now more than it ever has. Tech has disrupted nearly every industry,

Exuding Luxury

— By Mac McConnell —   How to create a consistent luxury shopping experience across locations.   Imagine you’re a shopper who just stepped into a luxury goods store. You are greeted by a sharply attired, uber-friendly store employee who

High-Tech Emergency Response

— By Steve Peldiak — A spilled glass of water can easily be resolved. But the same amount of water on the floor from an unknown source could represent a major costly repair.   Spring showers and the winter thaw

Spring Forward

— By Steve Smith —   Start of spring is go-time for facility managers to assess and repair winter roof damage and prepare for spring showers.   With the start of spring, facility managers of commercial buildings across the country

At Your Service

— By William Gagnon —   Hand dryers and restroom maintenance work well together.   These days, it’s increasingly uncommon to walk into a commercial restroom and find paper towels as the sole option for drying hands after washing. Especially

Healthy Track Record

— By Katie Lee —   Tropical Smoothie Cafe has opened more than 100 restaurants each year for the past 3 years — and continues to grow on pace to reach 1,000 locations by 2021.   When Retail & Restaurant

Remodel Budgeting

— By Blake Callahan — Essential steps to plan for success.   There are many phases of a remodel project depending on the size of the project: planning, budgeting, demolition, construction/build-back and cleanup. There’s also a great deal of questions

A Lot to Consider

— By Dr. Andrae Holliday, Sr.   Accessibility requirements for your retail and restaurant parking lots.   According to, more than 50 million Americans — 18% of our population — have disabilities. Each one is a potential customer. Studies

Front & Center

— By Eric Brownlee —   Is your landscape management program doing all it can to highlight your brand?   How do you see the landscapes on your properties? Do you consider landscaping as a brand asset, or is it

Does Your Lot Make the Grade?

— By Jaron Srain —   How to tell if your parking lot meets commercial standards.   The first thing a client sees when they pull up to your business is not your sign, your landscaping or even your building.

2020 Landscape

— By Trent Limban —   The right products for cost-efficient landscape curb appeal.   Maintaining your landscaping is an important factor in keeping your customers coming back as well as attracting new customers. The best and easiest way to

Custom Scents

— By Alex Tostado —   Yankee Candle debuts its new store concept, “World Home Fragrance,” to create a personalized fragrance experience.   In summer 2019, The Yankee Candle Co. Inc. and FRCH Nelson sat down to discuss how to

The Company You Keep

— By Carmine J. Esposito —   10 waste management myths that cost you time and money — and how to choose the right company for your needs.   Commercial waste management often bears a reputation for being costly, time