Proactive Protection

— By Shawn Morrow — Proactive practices to protect your retail/restaurant roof when severe weather strikes.   Severe weather events can be considered the Number 1 enemy to a commercial roof. Depending on where a building is located in the

Legacy Roofing Services Marks 10-Year Anniversary

Cleveland, Ohio — Legacy Roofing Services, one of the largest commercial roofing service providers in the United States, is celebrating its 10-year anniversary this month as one of the premier commercial and residential roofing services company in Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Long Term Strategy

— By Tom Dawson — Tips to extend the life of a roof.   A new roof is a substantial investment that can cost thousands of dollars. With adequate maintenance and attention, a roof’s lifespan can be significantly increased. If

Reliable Roof Data

— By Tom Coble — How facility managers can improve the performance of their roofs without increasing spend.   We’re at an exciting time in the national commercial roofing industry (yes, I said “exciting” and “roofing” in the same sentence)

Rethinking a Re-Roof

— By Tom Dawson — How to save on roof-related costs during a remodel.   Remodeling a building tends to be costly, but there is a chance businesses can bypass a major — and often assumed — “necessary” cost. The

Winter Woes

— By Marian Noletti —   How to handle any of the winter woes on your commercial roof.   In many parts of the country, the winter season is known for bringing extreme cold temperatures, increased precipitation and high winds.

CP Rankin Roofing Experts: Signature Vendor Spotlight

— Interview with Michelle Grojean —   R&R: Where are you based and how long has the company been in business? Michelle Grojean: CP Rankin is headquartered in Chalfont, Pennsylvania, flexing roughly 25 years of commercial roofing experience. R&R: What

Repair or Replace?

— By Matt Malorni —   What facility managers need to know about roofing repairs, replacements and maintenance.     The roof is unquestionably the least visible part of a restaurant or a shopping center; however, if not given any

From the Top

— By Tom Dawson — How to prep your roof for winter.   Winter and colder weather are coming — which means snowfall and ice dams and, if you do not prepare correctly, roof leaks. Did you know that it

Routine Roof Maintenance

— By Michelle Grojean — Did you know the Number 1 cause of premature roof failure is lack of regular roof inspections?   Let’s talk about the necessary protection of one of the largest assets of your commercial building: your

Slippery Slope

— By Marian Nolletti — The dangers of rooftop grease.   Any type of grease from animal fats or vegetable fats on a rooftop can reduce the roof system’s resistance to UV rays and heat. Plus, it can cause premature

Data-Driven Decisions

— By Alexandria Pegnato and Tom Coble — Roof management enters the digital age.   Historically, when it came to managing a multi-site roof portfolio, a difficult choice had to be made. Does one commit a sizeable budget to being

Remember Your Roof

— By Steve Smith — Managing shopping center roofing issues with a post-pandemic budget.   As the retail industry begins to fully reopen and emerge from the pandemic, shopping center owners are busy getting their operations back in full gear.

Weberstown Mall in California Completes Solar Panel Installation

Columbus, Ohio — As part of its sustainability efforts, Washington Prime Group Inc. has completed the solar panel system at Weberstown Mall in Stockton, Calif. The system is comprised of 3,456 photovoltaic (PV) modules, spanning more than 76,645 square feet,

Spring Forward

— By Steve Smith —   Start of spring is go-time for facility managers to assess and repair winter roof damage and prepare for spring showers.   With the start of spring, facility managers of commercial buildings across the country

Duro-Last Roofing Retools to Produce Medical PPE

Saginaw, Mich. — Hospitals across the globe are experiencing critical PPE supply shortages. Team members at Duro-Last®, Inc., the world’s largest manufacturer of custom-fabricated, thermoplastic roofing systems, found a way to help. Duro-Last engineers, product development and manufacturing staff united

Pegnato Roof Intelligence Network Names VP of Sales

Marina Del Rey, Calif. — Tom Coble has joined the executive leadership team of Pegnato Roof Intelligence Network as vice president of sales, effective March 1, 2020. Coble has extensive experience in the multi-site, national account arena, most recently with

Water Damage

— By Anthony Vross — Addressing ponding water on a heavily penetrated low slope roof.   There are essentially two ways water leaves a roof: positive drainage or evaporation. When neither can occur quickly enough, the result is ponding water.

Simon Roofing: Signature Vendor Spotlight

— Interview with Anthony Vross — R&R: Where are you based and how long has Simon Roofing been in business? Anthony Vross: Simon Roofing is a family-owned commercial roofing company being operated today by third- and fourth-generation family members. Founded

Roof Reliability

— By Richard Rast, BLUEFIN, LLC — Why roof preservation matters for retail and restaurant industries and the best solution to preserve roof life. Is your facility or building property protected from weather and unintended abuse threatening its roof? When

Monitor & Maintain

5 roof maintenance tips for retail and restaurant facility managers.

The ABCs of PPE

Your roofing contractor’s safety practices are your business.

Duro-Last Names Multiple Leadership Promotions

Saginaw, Mich. — Duro-Last®, Inc. has promoted multiple employees throughout its leadership team. Mike Tracey now serves as vice president of operations; Thomas Jenkins is now the vice president of manufacturing; and Mitch Gilbert has accepted the position of director