Alpine Mechanical Services Expands HVAC Recommissioning Program

by Nate Hunter

Sellersville, PA — Alpine Mechanical Services, LLC is expanding its Greening in Place recommissioning program for retailers.


Sellersville, PA — Alpine Mechanical Services, LLC is expanding its Greening in Place recommissioning program. Four additional utility companies have approved Alpine Mechanical as an official trade ally, bringing the number of utility providers to eight since the inception of the company’s energy savings program in 2010.  

As more utility companies offer energy savings rebates, Alpine Mechanical’s Greening in Place proprietary program will continue to grow. In addition to existing utility companies, including Progress Energy (Florida), PP&L (Pennsylvania) and TECO Electric (Florida), the following utility companies recently approved Alpine Mechanical as a new trade ally: FirstEnergy’s Pennsylvania utilities’ energy efficiency programs; Delmarva Power Energy Savings Program (Maryland); Pepco C&I Energy Savings Program (Maryland); and InvestSmart with JEA (Florida).

Greening in Place is another name for the recommissioning or tuning up of an existing HVAC unit. While HVAC represents approximately 40% of a retailer’s monthly energy expense, recommissioning of existing HVAC units can reduce operating and repair costs by as much as 20%, according to Mark Barraclough, president of Alpine Mechanical.  
Additionally, Alpine’s HVAC tune-up program takes the guesswork out of the rebate process for retailers, including time needed to fulfill all requirements for rebate consideration by the utility companies, thus reducing overhead for retailers even further. 
The recommissioning process performed by Alpine meets specific standards set by utility companies to bring commercial/industrial HVAC units up to their maximum operating efficiencies. These standards may include but are not limited to the following:
• Work must be performed by a licensed participating HVAC contractor.

• The system must have ducted heating and/or cooling.

• The system must be more than 1 year old.

• All work performed must meet the minimum standards set by the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA).

Alpine Mechanical Services, LLC is a green, technology-focused heating, ventilation and air conditioning provider specializing in servicing the retail industry in 11 states across the East Coast. For more information, visit





SOURCE: Alpine Mechanical Services

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