Back to School

by Nate Hunter


With all the kids going back to school this time of year, I must admit I miss my school days!



With all the kids going back to school this time of year, I must admit I miss my school days! The college years were the best. You’re in a creative learning environment, a place that encourages questions, different perspectives and experiments to grow. Then somehow we seem to forget about all of that when we’re immersed in the business world. We’re taught to conform: “Don’t create waves, go with the flow,” or “Don’t stand out or speak up — people will think you’re showing off or kissing up.” We are re-taught to be mediocre because mediocre is safe. We tend to forget to seek for or take opportunities to further our development and learn new things. Or many of us are always on the go and we tend to learn only on an as-needed basis when a specific incident occurs that challenges us to find that solution.

And by the way, the learning doesn’t necessarily have to be related to expanding our expertise in this industry — it’s just as important to devote time to your passions and hobbies. Passions and hobbies expand our creativity, which we can apply in our business world.

So for the next few weeks ahead, take the time to focus on your own self development. Whether you’re at the dinner table with your children, skyping with your college kids or chatting with your nieces, nephews, friends or neighbors — when you ask them how’s school coming along, make it a point to share what you’ve learned recently at work and what your continued learning goal is.






Grace Daly is an industry leader in retail design, construction and facilities, as well as an avid career coach. She is currently the Executive Director of Construction & Facility Conferences for InterFace Conference Group.

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