Brookstone Opens First Overseas Store

by Katie Lee

Nanjing, China — Innovative product developer and specialty retailer Brookstone began the new year by opening its first overseas store in one of the largest retail shopping centers in Nanjing, China. Additionally, Brookstone opened three store-in-stores within Funtalk Telecommunication’s locations in Beijing and Shanghai.

“We’re thrilled with how enthusiastically customers are embracing their first Brookstone China store experience,” says Brookstone CEO Tom Via. “They love being able to try out our massagers, wear the Cat Ear Headphones and see the drones in action.”

Brookstone was acquired in 2014 by the Sanpower Group, a multi-national conglomerate based in China, and is fulfilling its corporate mission to bring premium American lifestyle products to shoppers in China while providing China-based makers access to American and international retail markets.

Brookstone, founded in 1965, is a specialized U.S.-based retailer of innovative and lifestyle products designed for smart living. Brookstone has more than 300 shopping mall and airport stores across the U.S. and Puerto Rico. Brookstone is a member of Sanpower Group company. For more information, visit

SOURCE: Sanpower Group

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