By Design

by Katie Lee

— By Tony Hunsoo Ahn —

A bakery concept that features delicious design and a tasty layout.

Store design and layout are pivotal to making a favorable first impression — and to maintaining the feeling for returning guests.

Walk into any TOUS les JOURS (TLJ) location across the U.S., and you’ll find an inviting ‘cafeteria-style’ grab-and-go environment with a large display of individually wrapped pastries, encouraging customers to add their items — all-time favorites and new desires — to a tray as they approach the register. TLJ is committed to creating special memories for every customer with our product-centric store layout, and we are exploring ways to maximize in-store product appeal, while also enhancing operational efficiencies and brand storytelling. We recognize that one part of our ongoing success is always accounting for current trends and consumer behaviors — factors that go a long way toward attracting store traffic. Once inside, we know we must provide plenty of well-exposed products and ease guest access to them.

Clearly, our store layout and design create the foundation for our business success, especially since they determine guest impressions of our brand. When we elected to provide the marketplace with something different — a self-serve concept with a wide array of menu items — we knew our bakery environment also would have to be unique. In developing our in-store ecosystem, we identified three factors that we believe are key to the guest experience, including their satisfaction, and to our own success:


The cafeteria-style model showcases our greatest attribute — a wide and unparalleled variety of products, which is not seen elsewhere in the bakery segment. We currently have more than 300 pastries served fresh daily, with an ever-rotating selection of limited-time items.

Product-First Display

Being self-serve, the products are the first brand representatives to greet guests upon arrival. Our extensive and attractive pastry case brimming with items delivers a wow factor to first timers and frequent customers, displaying what TLJ is truly about. Guests never have to wonder what type of establishment it is. Utilizing an open display case adds an element of fun to the customer experience, and we believe that providing greater access to our products makes them even more appealing.

Consumer Control

TLJ’s grab-and-go concept lets customers pick and choose their own products without waiting to be served at the counter. This also gives them ample time to examine the many fresh and varied menu items easily within reach. Customers have shared that they enjoy taking as much time as they need to browse and choose their products without feeling the pressures often associated with holding up a long line of other guests — or delaying a store associate waiting to take their order. In fact, guest relaxation also comes into play with our inviting interior that features warm colors. In a busy modern world, TLJ is proud to offer guests a pleasant departure.

TLJ is committed to using the design of our stores to showcase our brand story. We believe that TLJ should be a place where guests experience a new and unique food culture — making them eager to return — so we have infused vibrant color combinations, images and typography into our environment. Of course, TLJ is all about our menu, which is why we put so much thought into design. We want our bakery items to stand out and be easily enjoyed, which can’t happen without easy access. Our unique brand identity as an inviting bakery café with fresh products is being fueled by in-store design and functionality, and we are evolving our in-store environment based on rapidly changing trends and customer needs.

Our most recent design is known as the 3.0, and it’s been implemented at many of our franchise locations, with new concepts being tested throughout the corporate locations. Our continuously evolving design increases our brand promise, which continues to fuel our success, including revenue growth and progress toward becoming the most beloved bakery brand in the U.S. and the world.

— Tony Hunsoo Ahn is CEO of CJ Foodville USA, the parent company of TOUS les JOURS. TOUS les JOURS has developed into a reputable bakery & café franchise, specializing in French-Asian-inspired baked goods — baked fresh in-store every day. TOUS les JOURS is continuing to expand across various markets across the country. Currently, there are more than 90 TOUS les JOURS stores in the U.S. and nearly 1,700 stores around the world. For more information, visit

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