Cascades Tissue Group Rebrands Professional Division

by Katie Lee

New York City — Cascades, a leader in the recovery and manufacturing of green packaging and tissue products, has introduced a new brand identity within its Tissue Group division, Cascades Pro™, the culmination of a major brand transformation for the former Away-From-Home division.

The rebranding comes as a result of dynamic growth, as Cascades increases its presence throughout North America. Included in the rebranding effort are:

• A new tagline: “All clean. All good.”

• A new logo.

• Updated brand pillars.

• Restructured sub brands.

• A new user-friendly website.

“The rebranding corresponds with our development and vision for the future of our professional business,” says Benoit Alain, executive vice president, Cascades Pro™. “We go out of our way to help our distributors and end users succeed with a cleaner offering, friendly customer service and sustainable and credible solutions that differentiate us from our competitors.”

The launch of the company’s new website brings a clean and updated online experience for customers. The new responsive site greatly simplifies the navigation experience, making it easy for visitors to seamlessly navigate between Cascades Pro’s wide array of products.

Additionally, seven new brand pillars serve as the foundation of the Cascades Pro division:

• We cover all bases: Deliver proven, cost-effective hygiene solutions with a wide range of product lines that get the job done.

• We’re all ears: Provide world-class service.

• We explore all avenues: Create outside-the-box innovations like no-touch dispensing, antibacterial paper and hygiene programs that reduce sickness risks.

• We’re all in the family: Embody a company rooted in human relationships and values.

• We’re all in it together: Build client, employee, reseller, building manager, end user and community bonds.

• We’re green all over: Succeeded in integrating sustainable development into its DNA.

• We’re all over North America: Ensure that all of North America is covered.

Under the renamed Cascades Pro division, products have been streamlined and now reside under just five brands:

• Cascades Pro Tandem™: Dispensing systems that work hand in hand with paper for maximal performance, sustainability and savings.

• Cascades Pro Signature™: Premier quality paper products created to pamper customers.

• Cascades Pro Perform™: Environmental paper products made with 100% recycled fibers.

• Cascades Pro Select™ : 100% recycled paper products.

• Cascades Pro Tuff-Job™: Solution driven wipers with maximum durability, strength and performance.

The Cascades Pro™ division is part of Cascades’ Tissue Group, a leader in the United States and Canada. Cascades Pro offers hand towels, bath tissue, napkins, kitchen roll towels, facial tissue, wipers and dispensers. 

SOURCE: Cascades Pro

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