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— By Jen Castro —

How a commercial security door can protect your business.


You have invested a lot of time and money in your business and have developed its resources and reputation to be the best it can be. However, 2020 and the pandemic probably threw a wrench in your business plans. Storefronts are at risk of vandalism and trespassing now more than ever before, which is why business owners are searching for a flexible and resilient solution to maintain security and keep their inventory and/or store safe. According to the National Retail Federation, before the COVID-19 outbreak, nearly 90% of shopping happened in stores while online purchases made up only about 10% of all industry-wide retail sales. However, in the past handful of months, this has dramatically changed as we’ve witnessed the pandemic severely impact the $800 billion U.S. commercial and institutional construction industry.

Jen Castro, Wayne Dalton

In today’s world, we find ourselves in unfamiliar and previously unknown circumstances, but the biggest concern for companies is how to adapt. Considering a commercial door security system is a great return on investment for business owners that are looking for extra security and peace-of-mind when it comes to protecting their retail business.

The Benefits of Commercial Security Doors Resolution to Keeping Your Inventory Safe

For any business, there are always places that you don’t want the public to have access to. Whether it’s external or employee trespassing, theft or vandalism, all are notable problems that can cause a major loss for your company. More importantly, the aftermath of a burglary or vandalism usually requires money to be allocated toward restoring damaged property, replacing stolen assets and/or potentially closing your business down for repairs.

Johnson Controls reported that 448,617 business burglary offenses occurred in 2015 in the United States and resulted in over $800 million in retail property losses for businesses. Another study by The Hartford found that 20% of small business claims in the U.S. are a direct result of burglaries and theft, reporting an average loss of $8,000.

Commercial rolling doors provide a flexible solution to maintain security and keep a business’ inventory and/or store safe while also reducing the likelihood of trespassing, vandalism or theft. Not to mention, it could alleviate the cost for other security systems or security guards that require additional management, time and hard-to-use technology.

Emergency Efficient

It’s a no-brainer that rolling doors can protect against trespassers, but what about when an emergency, such as a fire, medical crisis or natural disaster unfolds? Thanks to the evolving technology of commercial door solutions, most security doors offer options to address fire safety and emergency egress which has become a major benefit in providing an added layer of protection.

An emergency egress grille provides secured access to public areas, yet will automatically open fully upon detection of an alarm or power failure. This prevents entrapment in the event of an emergency and allows immediate access to emergency personnel. The emergency egress grille is ideal for schools, hospitals and office buildings, or other applications that require different levels of access at various times. Upon restoration of power or clearing of the alarm, the motor operator automatically resets itself and is ready for normal operation. Likewise, the fire egress doors close on alarm, aiding in slowing the progression of fire throughout a facility.

Customizable Options

We all know that security systems aren’t a ‘one size fits all’ solution for businesses. Commercial security grilles come in various material, control and safety alternatives for commercial, industrial, retail and institutional applications. Whether you’re in need of a commercial door with enhanced safety, visibility and ventilation, or for a space-saving design for high-traffic areas, no matter the size of application, manufacturers have a variety of options to choose from. If air flow or ventilation is a concern, rolling doors with fenestration or perforation options, as well as an open curtain design of grilles, are ideal. For visibility, grilles as well as fenestrations on non-insulated doors or vision lights on insulated doors are commonly available. Security rolling doors provide companies with a variety of options and add-ons to best suit their specific business needs.

More specifically, add-ons such as an extra-secure padlockable bottom bar or anti-graffiti powder coat finishes have become increasingly popular for business owners who want an extra layer of protection to combat unwanted visitors.

Securing Your Retail Storefront

As we think about how to combat this “new reality,” where security and safety threats come in many forms for commercial and retail buildings, a deeper level of integration is vital to safeguard the tenants of our nation’s brick-and-mortar businesses. Rolling doors provide a durable construction technique that offer many years of reliable and consistent performance with low maintenance.




— Jen Castro is senior product manager, rolling products, for Wayne Dalton. Wayne Dalton offers a complete line of secure access solutions for retail applications where safety and protection are a priority, from security doors with visual access to slim-fit theft deterrentsecurity doors, robust security access solutions and different security add-ons. Email














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