DENTCO’s Slow and Steady Growth Pays Off

by Katie Lee

DeWitt, Mich. — In the national retail maintenance industry, competitors come and go, but for the past 39 years, DENTCO has been running a slow but steady race. The company has experienced its second consecutive year-over sales increase of 20%, allowing it the ability to reinvest in its people, processes and technology.

“We are extremely excited by all the hard work our team members continue to produce and are thankful for the loyalty of our customers,” says Scott Milnes, president of DENTCO. “Our growth strategy is modest but aggressive over time and this allows us to continually reinvest funds in infrastructure, technology and most importantly, our people.”

DENTCO is a full-service exterior services management company that provides a unique centralized approach to managing snow, landscaping, parking lot maintenance and various other exterior property management services for some of the largest retail brands in the country.

According to Milnes, DENTCO is laser-focused on quarterly planning conferences and is in-tune with providing third-party research studies to provide a rationalized return on investment for all its growth plans. The company also sports some pretty out-of-the-box advertising campaigns. For the past few years, DENTCO has been changing the way big brands across the country look at the business of exterior services management by applying human faces to the extreme seasonal changes that affect big box retail and restaurant chains on a daily basis (see photo).

DENTCO’s last notable workspace expansion was in 2012 and thanks to strategic planning, aggressive marketing, increased sales and a 99% customer retention rate, this small business is making more investments with an overall 35% increase in space at their corporate offices, big investments in enhanced server technology, and a new VoIP phone system. Other enhancements include a new card security system for increased employee safety and additional upgrades to DENTCO Verified™ (DV), a mobile application designed and launched in 2015 to enhance DENTCO’s nationwide service with its network of over 8,000 contractor partners.

With over 142 employees nationwide, and 80 at the corporate office, DENTCO is also investing in larger training areas and meeting spaces and even an employee lounge.

“We are a close-knit group of people and it’s been fun to see it grow into something so exciting,” says Teresa Phelps, DENTCO’s national sales director. “I look forward to the space enhancements so we can host actual companywide meetings together in addition to the latest technological enhancements offered by a true VoIP phone system. Also, the added security of a card system will make all of us feel safer 24/7 as we tend to work some pretty long and late hours during the winter snow season.”

The DENTCO corporate office infrastructure expansions and technological upgrades are underway and they anticipate a completion of all the additions by early summer 2016.

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