Diversified Restaurant Group Picks Delaget for Payroll and Accounting Services

by Katie Lee

St. Louis Park, Minn. — Diversified Restaurant Group, LLC, a restaurant group that manages 150 Taco Bell restaurants in Northern California and Nevada, has formed a new payroll and accounting partnership with Delaget, LLC, a QSR leader in helping franchises run more effective operations with loss prevention, analytics, reporting and payroll solutions.

“We reached the 150-store mark through acquisitions of larger franchise groups, and we want to continue to grow our restaurant portfolio. You can’t run — or grow — a company effectively with multiple different systems and processes. After an analysis, we determined that we needed to outsource our payroll and accounting to eliminate redundancies, make us more effective in running our current portfolio of stores, and help make us nimbler and more competitive for future acquisitions,” says Erich Moxley, senior vice president and franchisee at Diversified Restaurant Group, LLC.

Diversified Restaurant Group is leveraging Delaget Books, a payroll and accounting service focused on multi-unit operators. Delaget’s processes improve profitability in the multi-unit space. With Delaget Books, franchise owners save time by having Delaget experts process accounts payable and receivable, daily cash reports, P&Ls, payroll and expense reports, and handle other accounting tasks.

“We looked at several other competitors, and we found that Delaget was the right partner for us. We already trust Delaget for our restaurant reporting, their team has a deep understanding of the industry, and other outsourcing services didn’t have all the bells and whistles we were looking for. These reasons made it a much easier decision to outsource,” says Moxley.

Continues Moxley: “Instead of spending time managing numerous vendors, invoices and other payroll and accounting functions, outsourcing will allow us to focus on developing our business, acquiring and building stores, and working with our middle and store level management teams to run a more efficient operation. I didn’t become a franchisee to run a payroll company or CPA firm. I became a franchisee because I want to run restaurants.”

“At Delaget, our mission is to help restaurateurs run smarter, more profitable restaurants. By outsourcing payroll and accounting, the team at Diversified will have more time to focus on strategic initiatives and growing their business. We’re excited to partner with them and help them make their growth easier,” says Jason Tober, Delaget CEO.

For more than 18 years, Delaget has helped multi-unit operators run smarter, more profitable restaurants by serving up actionable guidance each day to increase profits and reduce loss. Clients include Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, Hard Rock Cafe, IHOP, KFC, Panda Express, Hardee’s, Sonic and more. For more information, visit http://www.delaget.com.

SOURCE: Delaget, LLC

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