Express Kitchens Plans 8 New Retail Stores Across Boston Area

by Katie Lee

Hartford, Conn.— Express Kitchens is in expansion mode, opening more locations and tweaking the store lineup to include retail showroom in and around Boston. By the end of 2019, Express Kitchens will open three new retail stores followed by five new showrooms in the year 2020.

In addition, the company has taken a big step toward fulfilling its environmental stewardship commitment by implementing renewable energy practices to its business operations. The successful installation and functioning of solar panels to its Hartford, Conn., offices is an initiative that reflects company’s holistic approach to sustainability that helps deliver greater value to customers.

In the greater Boston area, Express Kitchens will enter the towns of Lynn, Watertown, Dedham, Peabody, Reading, Medford, Brocton and Weymouth with a mix of full-service retail showrooms that showcases range of kitchens, cabinets and countertops coupled with extending help to customers and local businesses with after-sales service for its products. New retail showrooms will include modern design elements featuring vibrant range of kitchen and will showcase open, collaborative spaces with ample space for customers to have a touch-n-feel experience of their dream kitchen.

“Express Kitchens’ new locations in Boston are underserved markets in cities and towns [that] cater to millennials,” says CEO Max Kothari. “We look at our growth beyond simply physical store expansion. Express Kitchens has made significant progress in our strategic priorities since announcing a meaningful investment in its retail business since past couple of years. Beyond our coveted products, we are progressing towards creating innovative and captivating experiences — both physical and digital — for our consumers.”

Kothari continues: “We’re elevating every aspect of how we serve our customers, including reimagining our stores, opening new digitally-enabled stores, introducing new range of kitchens, pursuing an aggressive growth strategy and transforming the way we replenish our stores and get products to our customers. We aspire to be a seamless omnichannel retailer with national growth aspirations. The steps we continue to take are with a focus on better positioning Express Kitchens as an iconic brand on the national stage. The company’s growth follows a trend that shows consumers are expanding their shopping habits beyond traditional markets. This expansion marks a major milestone for our company by allowing us to serve more customers, small businesses and communities across Massachusetts.”

Express Kitchens is increasing its investment to reimagine new stores by the end of 2020, enhancing the customer experience with the next generation of showroom design. The reimagined stores will feature Express Kitchens’ most ambitious store redesign to date, featuring modernized design elements, with an experience that’s easy and inspiring for customers. The hundreds of remodels planned will be customized, with customer feedback being applied to each new remodel.


SOURCE: Express Kitchens

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