Nathan’s Famous Continues International Expansion in 2024

by Katie Lee

New York City — Nathan’s Famous, Inc. continues international expansion in 2024. The over 100-year-old brand, which recently opened virtual kitchens in Belgium and France, multiple full-service franchised restaurants in Mexico City, and two franchised restaurants and a food truck in Egypt in 2023, currently operates in 19 countries globally. Through master franchise relationships in Brazil, the UK, Egypt and Ukraine, the brand plans to open brick-and-mortar locations in Brazil by the end of 2024. Nathan’s Famous plans to open several virtual kitchen locations in the UAE by the end of the year as well.

“We have seen an increase in consumer demand internationally for Nathan’s Famous and are looking to expand around the globe to meet that demand,” says Phil McCann, vice president of marketing at Nathan’s Famous. “Over the last year, we’ve created partnerships with master franchisees that have allowed us to grow quickly, but there is still additional consumer interest that we’d like to reach. Because of this, in 2024 we will continue to focus on our international presence, and we are thrilled to introduce the flavor of New York to new parts of the world.”

Through Nathan’s Brazilian master franchisee, Alix Flit, the brand currently has four Nathan’s brick-and-mortar franchised restaurants and 16 kiosks in convenience stores and gas stations throughout Brazil, with plans to open numerous sub-franchise locations this year. Additionally, Flit plans to expand into retail by offering Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs and condiments in grocery stores across the country starting in April.

The Nathan’s Famous master franchisees in Great Britain currently have one franchised location open outside of London and are preparing for a larger expansion in Britain. Additionally, the brand has partnered with a virtual kitchen partner to further expand in London through delivery.

Nathan’s Famous also plans to open new franchised locations at the Punta Cana Airport in the Dominican Republic this year, and new domestic franchised locations all over the U.S. This includes brick-and-mortar franchised restaurants in New York, Florida, Arizona, New Jersey and Indianapolis. The brand is also continuing to open virtual kitchens nationwide, with several new kitchens serving Nathan’s by the end of March.

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SOURCE: Nathan’s Famous, Inc.

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