Starbucks Opens New Location at Downtown Disney

by Nate Hunter

Anaheim, Calif. — Starbucks has opened its first of four planned locations at Disney properties in the U.S. at Downtown Disney.

Anaheim, Calif. —  Visitors to Downtown Disney at Disneyland can now enjoy Starbucks at a new store that is described as a unique combination of the Disney and Starbucks brands. It is the first of four stores Starbucks will open across Disney-owned properties in the U.S.
“This store is a reflection of two iconic brands coming together to offer their customers the kind of high quality experience they expect in a way that embodies the unique passion of each,” said Arthur Rubinfeld, chief creative officer and president, global innovation for Starbucks. “Collaborating with Disney offered us the opportunity to create a unique moment of connection for our customers in a way that evokes the magic that their guests expect.”



SOURCE: Starbucks Coffee Co.





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