Sylvan Learning Plans to Open 40 New Locations in 2020

Baltimore — Sylvan Learning, a supplemental and enrichment education brand, is gearing up for explosive growth. With its proven model and 40-year rich brand awareness, Sylvan today has more than 750 points of presence. This year, it plans to open 40 new locations.

“2019 was a banner year for Sylvan Learning’s franchise development,” says Georgia Chasen, vice president of franchise development. “Last year, Sylvan Learning brought on 52 new franchisees and opened 24 centers, in both domestic and international markets. Over the last 4 years, we’ve attracted more than 200 new franchisees to the Sylvan Learning system and we are confident that the trend will continue in 2020.”

According to Chasen, a new generation of entrepreneurs is choosing Sylvan Learning over the competition because of the brand’s industry-leading support infrastructure, passionate network of franchisees and expert leadership team. “Both our franchisees and corporate owners are mission-driven and do everything they can to drive success for the number one priority: the students,” says Chasen.

Adds CEO John McAuliffe: “This year, we’ve made several internal investments to create a stronger franchise opportunity. This includes developing a new scheduling and admin system to create easier operations, as well as migrating internal technology to the cloud to create more reliable platforms. We’ve also invested in an in-home tutoring program and hope to roll that out systemwide next year. Through these innovations, we’ve stabilized the system and are excited for franchisees to reap the benefits of these internal investments in 2020.”

Looking to the future, McAuliffe explains that the brand is hoping to increase its points of presence by 40 in 2020.

“For 2020, Sylvan Learning’s franchise development will focus on both established markets and candidate outreach in communities we know will benefit from a Sylvan Learning center,” says Chasen. “We have open territories all over the country and internationally and encourage candidates to reach out from any state. A few markets we’ve pinpointed as prime for expansion include Chicago, Atlanta, Denver and Northern California.” For more information, visit

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