Tijuana Flats Debuts New High-Tech Restaurant Design

Orlando, Fla. — Tijuana Flats has launched a newly designed prototype, which will soon be the norm in many of the brand’s locations. The new look includes a fresh, bright design and high-tech enhancements that will improve the guest experience. Tijuana Flats’ restaurant in Noblesville, Ind., became the first location to showcase the new design when it opened in November.

“I love the new look,” says John Rowe, owner of Tijuana Flats in Noblesville. “It’s so open and bright. Our restaurants have always been colorful, but this update gives it a more modern feel.”

The new design includes a spacious layout with higher ceilings. The menus are now digital, which allows them to be updated regularly, and each Flats will now be equipped with a digital ticker display that can show everything from the latest news headlines to food and drink specials.

“The new prototype is really a game changer for us,” says Eric Taylor, vice president of development, Tijuana Flats. “It proves how this brand is willing to evolve and continue to get better. We didn’t change everything, but we improved what was already popular.”

The new Tijuana Flats design also includes technology updates to improve communication between the customer and the kitchen, which will speed up the dining process and reduce mistakes.

“I’m proud to see the direction Tijuana Flats is going,” says Rowe. “It makes you excited to see what’s next.”

Tijuana Flats was founded in Winter Park, Fla., more than 25 years ago. For more information, visit www.tijuanaflats.com or www.tijuanaflats.com/franchise.



SOURCE: Tijuana Flats

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