UFC GYM Promotes President & Co-Founder to CEO

by Katie Lee

Newport Beach, Calif. — UFC GYM®, the first major brand extension of UFC®, the world’s premier MMA organization, has promoted Adam Sedlack to chief executive officer while the brand’s former CEO, Mark Mastrov, will move on as executive chairman. A fitness industry veteran, Sedlack possesses nearly three decades of experience in health club industry leadership roles and, specifically, spent about 12 of those years as UFC GYM’s president. Alongside Mastrov, Sedlack joined UFC GYM as co-founder in 2008 and helped build the concept from the ground up, now growing the brand’s footprint to more than 150 locations throughout 37 countries with over 800 locations in development globally.

In 2020 alone, despite a turbulent year for the fitness industry, Sedlack’s leadership paved the way for UFC GYM to expand across 10 company-owned locations and 15 additional franchise locations worldwide, laying the blueprint for growth in 2021 with the brand’s first openings in Japan, China, Thailand, Israel, Netherlands, Germany, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan slated for later this year. Furthermore, UFC GYM invested in the future of health and wellness by launching its UFC FIT model in Puyallup, Wash., last month. The model features a group fitness studio, weight room, robust cardio equipment, Olympic-sized swimming pool, sauna room, full-service locker room, post-workout treatment area and indoor basketball court.

“I’ve shadowed Mark’s iconic leadership since 1994 and watched as the UFC GYM business model reshaped our industry and set the tone for the future of fitness. Over the years, we’ve built an incredible team and, in the wake of the pandemic, our dedicated corporate employees, franchisees, field leaders and fitness enthusiasts stood together through the toughest of times under a common goal, to make the world a better place through health and wellness. Being a part of UFC GYM’s foundational story from the start has been an honor and I am humbled to step up to this extended leadership position,” says Sedlack. “Looking ahead, UFC GYM’s position in the fitness industry has never been better and 2021 will be our biggest year yet.”

In his new role, Sedlack will propel the brand’s extensive development further doubling UFC GYM’s corporate footprint in the new year, starting with the brand’s debut in Las Vegas in March.

Beyond development in 2021, UFC GYM will elevate the member experience through partnerships alongside ABC Financials, a customer relationship management provider, MyZone, the group fitness digital technology system, Club Connect, a top-rated gym software, and FORTË, the live streaming workout platform. UFC GYM will also officially roll out RECOVERY to all new company owned and operated locations, complementing member workouts through cryotherapy, compression, percussion massage and more.

For more information, visit https://ufcgymfranchise.com.





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