Walgreens Prepares For Widespread LED Rollout

by Nate Hunter

Durham, N.C. — Lighting has been an integral part of Walgreens since its first store opened in 1901.

Durham, N.C. — Walgreens Co., one of the nation’s leading retailers, has selected energy-efficient LED lighting by Cree, Inc. for its Goodyear, Ariz., location. The 14,820-square-foot store now features Cree® LED troffers, linear luminaires and downlights — saving the retailer thousands in annual energy and maintenance costs.

“We had been looking to add LED technology to our corporate sustainability program for a while, and with the successful Cree® lighting implementation at the Goodyear store, it’s clear that it’s time to roll this out on a larger level,” says Jamie Meyers, manager of sustainability for Walgreens. “We are planning to incorporate LED lighting into all of our new stores moving forward.”

“Retailers no longer need to look to outdated technologies for a comprehensive lighting solution,” says Steve Barlow, senior vice president of lighting sales, Cree. “LED technology is the perfect complement to corporate social responsibility programs for leading retailers like Walgreens that are exemplifying the benefits of high-quality illumination with significant energy savings.”

Lighting has been an integral part of Walgreens since its first store opened in 1901, which featured “new, bright lights to create a cheerful, warm ambiance,” a marked departure from the dimly lit stores of its competitors.

“There is a distinctively different feel when you walk into this store,” adds Meyers. “Cree® LED lighting has a better quality to it. It’s crisper and cleaner. That’s valuable to us, particularly as a retailer trying to make our product look as appealing as possible.”

Please visit www.cree.com/lighting/walgreens to read the full case study and view additional images of the installation.








SOURCE: Cree, Inc.



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