Walmart Introduces First All LED Store

by Nate Hunter

South Euclid, Ohio — The location uses 100% LED lighting, even including the refrigerated cases in its grocery section.

South Euclid, Ohio — Walmart has opened its first all LED-lit store in South Euclid, a Cleveland suburb. The location features 100% LED lighting and electric vehicle charging stations in the parking lot. The store also has a heat-reflective white roof that keeps the building cooler.

The LED lighting used in the grocery section of the store is projected to save more than 59,000 kWh annually. The lighting in the parking lot is also expected to reduce energy consumption by 50 percent. The South Euclid Walmart even re-uses the heat from on-site refrigerant equipment to supply up to 60% of in-store hot water needs.

This store will serve as a model for environmentally-friendly design that the company will implement at future stores.











SOURCE: Walmart Green Room





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