Walmart Opening 11 Supercenters Across Canada in January 2015

by Katie Lee

Mississauga, ON — Walmart Canada will open 11 supercenters by January 29, 2015, completing its expansion for the company’s current fiscal year ending January 31, 2015. These completed real estate projects bring Walmart Canada’s total store count to 394 stores, including 280 supercenters and 114 discount stores.

The stores, which include the first two Walmart Supercenters in Prince Edward Island, are part of 35 Supercenter projects planned for the company’s fiscal year ending January 31, 2014. The projects include building new stores and expanding, remodeling or relocating existing stores. For the first time, both Prince Edward Island Walmart locations will offer a full complement of groceries.

“We’re thrilled to bring our Supercenter format to [Prince Edward Island] for the first time as well as the other nine openings happening [this week and next],” says Gino DiGioacchino, executive vice president of e-commerce and chief of operations at Walmart Canada.

The Supercenter design includes easy-to-navigate aisles with directional signage and a bright interior color palette defining the store’s merchandise areas.

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SOURCE: Walmart Canada

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