Building Engines Launches New Property Website Solution

by Nate Hunter

Boston — Building Engines will soon launch BuildingConnect, a new web solution makes it easier for individual retail properties to manage their online presence.


Boston  — Building Engines, a provider of web-based and mobile property and tenant management solutions, will soon launch its latest offering. Known as BuildingConnect, the product makes it easier for individual retail properties to manage their online presence. 

BuildingConnect features a simple interface that connects leasing information for prospective tenants with building and service information for current tenants — creating the ability for property managers to use a single site for all leasing and management services. Users can present marketing items including space availability, building images and amenities, and neighborhood information. They also can utilize online forms and simple approval workflows for current tenants. Property managers can also easily control the access to public and private property information. 

“We wanted to create a product that was beautiful, functional and allowed our clients to update information, showcase their property and service tenants quickly without needing a course in information technology or spending a small fortune on custom development,” said Jim Gray, vice president of Product for Building Engines. 

BuildingConnect officially launches in March.




SOURCE:  Building Engines




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