Denny’s Partners with P&G Professional to Deploy Mobile Relief Diner

by Katie Lee

Cincinnati — Denny’s and P&G Professional, the away-from-home division of P&G, have teamed up to help those in greatest need.

No matter if it is a devastating wildfire or a catastrophic hurricane, when communities are hit with a disaster they can be impacted for months or even years, but in the days following these disasters, the needs are more immediate. Those affected need safe shelter, clean water and food to eat. Enter the Denny’s Mobile Relief Diner, offering hot breakfasts to those in need.

In the aftermath of the recent wildfires in California and hurricanes that ripped through North Carolina and Florida, Denny’s served free, hot breakfasts to more than 10,000 people in need. Meals are served in disposable containers, but are prepared using reusable pans, trays, bowls, small wares and storage containers. Like any traditional restaurant kitchen, these items need to be properly washed and sanitized before being used again, which is where P&G Professional is supporting Denny’s in its relief efforts

PG Products in Dennys Mobile Relief DinerP&G Professional donated a commercial-grade dishwasher and cleaning chemicals to Denny’s for use in the Mobile Relief Diner. Products include Dawn Dishwashing Liquid, CleanQuick Quat Sanitizer, Safeguard Hand Soap and the Luster warewash system to ensure safe and effective sanitation practices and cleaning results.

“We are proud to help Denny’s serve communities in their greatest time of need,” says Paul Edmondson, commercial director, North America, P&G Professional. “The cleaning products and systems we’ve donated to the Denny’s Mobile Relief Diner allows their team to ensure that the cookware is clean and ready to use, and provides efficiencies and speed in the cleaning process, which means Denny’s can get back to what really matters — serving hot breakfasts.”

Dennys Mobile Relief Diner ServiceThe 53-foot Mobile Relief Diner is a fully-functional diner on wheels that was specifically designed by Denny’s to travel anywhere in the U.S. during emergency situations to serve free, hot pancakes, along with bacon, coffee and drinks. With each deployment, the Mobile Relief Diner works closely with local officials, disaster relief organizations and local franchisees and store operators to identify the areas most in need. The diner was most recently in Northern California offering relief.

“From ideation to production, Denny’s Mobile Relief Diner wouldn’t have been possible without the hard work, commitment and support from our Denny’s team, and also from valuable partners like P&G Professional,” says John Dillon, chief marketing officer for Denny’s.

“The donations from the P&G team are instrumental in the safe and sanitary running of the Mobile Relief Diner. With their generous contributions — including the dishwasher machine and custom sink combination — technical support and even on-site installation, we are able to ensure each and every deployment is hygienic and efficient, helping us feed as many people in need as we can.”

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SOURCE: P&G Professional

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