DENTCO Upgrades Mobile App Features

by Katie Lee

DeWitt, Mich. — Scott Milnes, president of DENTCO®, the first Exterior Services Management® (ESM) company in the U.S., has announced new features available on the DENTCO Verified (DV) mobile application.

Since its inception in 2015, the DENTCO Verified app has provided a simple and convenient way for contractor partners (CPs) to conduct their day-to-day tasks. While the update has not been branded differently, the app will now be available in Spanish. This improvement will enable Spanish-speaking crews and several hundred CPs to capture data in their predominant language.

In this manner, DENTCO has increased the number of contractor partners who can take advantage of this useful tool. Today, 96% of its 8,000-plus network of nationwide CPs utilize the mobile application.

“In order to provide nationwide coverage, we really needed to have the app available in Spanish as well. Having the app in only English was limiting, especially in certain markets. We are working conscientiously to improve the usability and reliability of the platform,” says Timothy Decker, DENTCO’s information systems manager.

The DENTCO Verified app allows CPs to submit invoices, upload contracts and update insurance information. Moreover, the app generates a dashboard view of what pending items need to be completed. Ultimately, the app provides assurance to contractor partners that their work has been submitted in a timely fashion.

In addition to making the app available in Spanish, DENTCO has worked diligently to improve the stability of the app, authorizing CPs and crews to work in a faster and more efficient manner. By eliminating the paperwork shuffle, there is less margin of error and more user control for organization.

Furthermore, the DENTCO Verified app has the ability to deliver real-time data to customers. The application automatically confirms verification data that has been successfully uploaded, uses geo coordinates to pinpoint specific locations, ensures that all data required is collected, provides quick processing for uploaded images and eliminates bugs/glitches.

Decker adds: “An interesting feature on the mobile app is that if a user is in a logistical place with a bad connection, then they will be able to safely stop and upload it later when they have a better connection. The app may also be used offline and in areas of the country where there isn’t a strong signal for Internet access. The GPS is captured at the moment of the signature to prove where contractors were at a specific point in time. This automatic recording of a location pays the most benefit during the winter season.”

To download the DENTCO Verified app, users can go to iTunes for use on iPhones or iPads, or go to Google Play at for use on Android devices.

Headquartered in Dewitt, Mich., DENTCO provides landscape management, snow & ice management, dark property management, parking lot maintenance/management and exterior asset inventory to its clients. Over the years, DENTCO has seen substantial growth while maintaining a 99% customer retention rate. For more information, visit


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