Digital Signage as Customer Service

— By Garry Wicka —

Giving peace of mind in uncertain times, digital signage displays help inform each and every customer and employee of store rules and government guidelines.


As retailers, restaurants and public-facing businesses of all kinds prepare to reopen amid ever-changing health guidance and local restrictions, the need to clearly communicate the latest health and safety information becomes absolutely vital for smooth operations and public support.

Garry Wicka, LG Business Solutions USA

For any type of business — from restaurants to boutique stores — one of the easiest and most non-invasive way to provide customers with up-to-date policies, special store hours, general store information and local ordinance updates is through strategically placed digital signage that can be easily updated at a moment’s notice as conditions change.

Establishing Trust with Employees and Customers

From employee morale and safety to handling socially distanced customers, beginning each day and each visit with consistent, helpful messaging helps make sure that everyone is on the same page.

With uncertainty lingering over how many customers businesses should allow inside, how many they should expect and how those customers will behave, it’s crucial to have clear, accurate information at every business entrance to avoid confusion over store policies and manage expected behavior of customers.

While establishments that already use digital signage can repurpose some displays to share social distancing guidelines or mask requirements, even they may benefit from additional displays at entrances, bottlenecks and areas with high foot traffic.

Signage for Now — and Later

Recognizing that all these changes require much more communication from stores, digital display manufacturers have quickly developed purpose-built packages that can be made to fit the requirements of various retailers.

Including everything needed to launch a digital signage display or display network, such as an HD display, a mobile cart with a display mount and limited free trials for easy-to-use content management software, these new packages represent a quick-deployment solution available for virtually every essential and reopening business.

Retailers are recognizing that these signage solutions are versatile and can be used for other high impact uses later. With flexible display packages designed to fulfill indoor, outdoor and window-facing signage needs, retailers can quickly add a powerful, eye-catching marketing solution with endless messaging possibilities in the long run.

Show That You Care

Digital signage helps stores and restaurants give customers peace of mind and assist in meeting government guidelines. As states and localities phase-in reopenings, savvy business owners are recognizing the benefit of reassuring customers and employees about safety precautions.

Communicating clearly about policies and procedures — about everything from requiring face masks and sanitization to limiting occupancy and close contact — shows that the business cares about the health and safety of the public. This in turn builds their reputation as responsible members of the community.

Businesses lacking digital displays may now want to consider making the investment to gain a messaging system that can be easily updated and can provide value long beyond the current situation.



— Garry Wicka is vice president of marketing at LG Business Solutions USA.







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