ENTOUCH Introduces New EMS Platform for Convenience Stores

Richardson, Texas — ENTOUCH, an IoT-based Energy Management Solutions (EMS) leader, has released its most comprehensive suite of convenience store solutions to date. The Octane series offers convenience stores a preconfigured yet fully customizable suite of EMS tools designed to drive the most return from energy management and operational efficiency for multisite convenience store operators.

In developing the OCTANE series, the ENTOUCH team focused on five critical areas required by best-in-class convenience store operators:

  1. Providing insight into existing equipment.
  2. Predictive reporting to identify when issues should be addressed before failure.
  3. Reducing utility spend through optimization of energy, water and trash pickup.
  4. Optimizing comfort to maximize the customer experience.
  5. Reducing the reliance on local staff to monitor and manage equipment and site infrastructure.

The OCTANE series is available in three grades: OCTANE 87, OCTANE 89 and OCTANE 93. Each of the series provides EMS solutions based on the complexity of need. OCTANE 87 introduces primary EMS and operational solutions, while OCTANE 89 and 93 expand with solutions covering foodservice, car wash and even trash monitoring.

Within the convenience store ecosystem, OCTANE delivers ROI through:

  • Increased profitability: Energy savings are reflected in a company’s profit-and-loss statement as reduced operating costs which increases profitability. For a major chain, efficiency improvements that cut energy costs by 10% could yield tens of millions of dollars in added profit.
  • Increased sales: Improving the energy efficiency of a building usually involves upgrades to the lighting and HVAC systems. By creating a more pleasing shopping and working environment, these upgrades can also attract and retain more customers, leading to increased sales.
  • Sustainability impacts: Start meeting your sustainability goals through effective energy and operational enhancements.

“The special needs of convenience stores demand a specialized offering that is customizable to the geographic and business realities multisite operators face not only today but also for the long term,” says James Walton, ENTOUCH’s vice president of product commercialization and developer of the OCTANE series. “

ENTOUCH is the pioneering leader in energy management as a service (EMaaS) and smart building technology. Its turnkey solutions optimize operations while reducing energy usage to drive profitability for multisite businesses. For more information, visit www.entouchcontrols.com.




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