Filta Environmental Kitchen Solutions Partners with 100+ Whole Foods Locations

by Katie Lee

Orlando, Fla. — Filta Environmental Kitchen Solutions (Filta), the pioneering leader of active fryer management and environmental kitchen sustainability across the food and hospitality industries, has added many new clients in the first half of 2023 including more than 100 Whole Foods locations nationwide.

“We are always thrilled to add new clients,” says Tom Dunn, CEO of Filta. “But the heart of our business is local franchise owners helping both high-profile customers like Whole Foods and independent and multi-unit restaurant operators dependably deliver better tasting fried food to patrons while improving employee safety. We have more than 130 franchisees who filter then pick up waste cooking oil every week, recycling more than 5 million gallons a year from thousands of commercial and independent kitchens nationwide. We make kitchens faster, greener, safer and cleaner.”

Whole Foods is known for its fastidious focus on quality, safety, health and cleanliness. Through a relationship as a national vendor with RTS/Elytus, Filta has become a valued partner with more than 100 Whole Foods locations nationwide which increasingly rely on Filta to help its kitchens run faster, greener, safer and cleaner. In addition to Texas, locations include more than 20 in the Washington, D.C., metro, supervised by franchise owner Derek Riebel, and nearly 10 in the Midwest region of Cincinnati, Louisville, Lexington and Columbus, supervised by franchise owners Ken Melick and Ryan Hopper. In the Philadelphia area, franchise owner Allen Whitehead services more than eight Whole Foods, several of which offer other food concepts within their locations including Federal Donuts and Plant Burger.

Even more Whole Foods locations are expected to come on board as Filta proves its advantages to kitchens and more individual Filta franchisees nationwide provide free site evaluations, service capabilities for microfiltration, and sample Environmental Impact Reports.

“The commitment of our franchise owners is what has allowed our system to grow and prosper,” says Dunn. “It’s always nice to toss around fancy household names but it’s more gratifying to me knowing that our owners just ‘Do The Right Thing’ with each and every one of their clients, day in and day out.”

Filta’s customers range from single and chain restaurants to commercial kitchens inside hospitals, hotels, groceries, universities, casinos, business facilities, stadiums (NFL, NCAA, MLB, NHL) and more. New non-retail customers include Space-X, NASA Space Center, Churchill Downs and Yosemite National Park. Filta has recycled nearly 1 billion pounds of used cooking oil into biodiesel, significantly reducing the impact of waste fryer oil on the environment. For every gallon of biodiesel put into use, Filta prevents 16 pounds of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere. 

Since its inception in 1996, Filta has positioned itself as the pioneering leader of active fryer management and environmental kitchen sustainability across the food and hospitality industries. Brought to North America in 2002 as a franchise concept, Filta is part of United Kingdom-based Franchise Brands. The cornerstone of the company’s offering is FiltaFry, the complete fryer management service incorporating on-site micro-filtration as well as the removal, recycling and replacement of cooking oil. Furthermore, the brand provides humidity control in cold storage devices through FiltaCool, prevents drain blockage through its grease-free drain foam brand FiltaDrain, and uses steam to sanitize kitchens with FiltaClean.

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SOURCE: Filta Environmental Kitchen Solutions

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