Iowa’s First Non-Alcoholic Bar Opens in Davenport

by Katie Lee

Davenport, Iowa — The state of Iowa’s first and only non-alcoholic bar called Unimpaired, located at 246 W. 3rd St. in the heart of downtown Davenport, has now opened.

Unimpaired’s mission is to provide excellent customer service with the highest standards of integrity, as well as an environment where patrons can enjoy a non-alcoholic drink, relax and socialize in a space where fun times aren’t foggy and make memories to remember forever. At Unimpaired, locals and visitors can tap into a non-alcoholic environment and experience all the amenities of a bar with unique spirits to create artisanal cocktails.

“We are giving people a healthier solution, helping them achieve the same sense of belonging that alcohol promises,” says Amber Haines, operational co-founder. “This is one of the reasons so many people get stuck in the ‘drunk rut’ in the first place, wanting a sense of community after work or during happy hour. Camaraderie and a sense of belonging in a booze-free environment creates a sense of belonging and strength in numbers, whether it’s at a sober bar or an lnstagram page. What we have created here is an environment, one in which alcohol isn’t involved. That’s the only difference from any other place.”

Unimpaired serves an extensive selection of unique non-alcoholic cocktails as well as all your favorites using alcoholic substitutes. It also serves an array of pizza and salads.

Haines’s partner is Jim Thomson, local businessman who is also invested in local startups Minute Suites, TapOnlt, Landjet and QC Fuel. “I was aware of Amber’s success in running her bar in Blue Grass and when she approached me about starting Unimpaired, I was quick to jump on board,” says Thomson. “Her experience, energy and willingness to work hard along with this business idea was too good to pass on. This has been substantiated by the 6,700 followers we already have on Facebook.”

Regarding COVID-19, Unimpaired plans to follow the public health department’s guidelines closely.


SOURCE: Unimpaired





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