LGC Associates: Signature Vendor Spotlight

by Katie Lee

Interview with Brittany Hunter


R&R: Where are you based, and how long has the company been in business?

Brittany Hunter, LGC

Brittany Hunter: LGC headquarters are based in Indianapolis, Indiana. We have been in business since May of 2003.

R&R: What is your name and title, and how long have you been with the company?

Hunter: My name is Brittany Hunter, and I am executive vice president of client relations. I started with LGC on March 11, 2011.

R&R: What trades/services do you offer retailers and restaurants?

Hunter: LGC is a full-service staffing firm that specializes in hospitality/customer service-oriented positions of all levels. We can provide temporary, temp-to-hire, permanent placement, executive search, recruitment subscriptions and market intelligence packages.

R&R: What makes your company’s “signature service” stand out in the industry?

Hunter: LGC is the only hospitality focused agency that has maintained “old school” hiring practices in a tech-dominated world looking for convenience. Every LGC associate has been vetted, interviewed face-to-face, screened, and placed as best match possible. We cultivate open and honest communication with both client and associate to unlock all qualities that each seek in both hard and soft skill. Like many of our industry participants in this realm, we too offer the convenience of app scheduling, but we rely on our human relationships and communication to get the job done. We have the perfect combination of these tools, and it shows in our results!

R&R: What kind of feedback do you receive from clients?

Hunter: What I cherish most about our organization is that we cultivate the relationships to receive honest feedback — whether positive or negative. We are in the people business, and any staffing company that says they make perfect matches 100% of the time is simply not being truthful. The difference always lies in candid communication, and it is the only true way to succeed. Most of the feedback we receive from clients praises this attribute of our company.

R&R: Why should owner/operators choose your company to be their next vendor partner?

Hunter: We are industry experts, will shoot you straight as far as staffing strategy, and will tailor our partnership specifically to your needs. We are the last bastion of the human touch in an industry that needs it to thrive.

R&R: How many retail/restaurant clients do you have, and is that sector growing for you? Would you like to name any of your clients?

Hunter: We have hundreds of retail and restaurant clients nationwide and it grows each day! The past 3 years we have seen a significant uptick in these businesses, even through 2020 when restaurants specifically struggled.

R&R: What are some of the latest trends you see in the FM industry now?

Hunter: One trend that I’ve noticed picking up speed are FM locations allowing more flexible scheduling with their employees. This helps to include wonderful individuals that due to their specific circumstance, might otherwise not have had the ability to work in the industry. This is a huge area in which LGC has been able to aid numerous FM clients we partner with!

R&R: What predictions do you have — for your company, your industry or both — in 2023?

Hunter: Hospitality is back! Despite the potential of economic hardships occurring nationally, our sector is strong and will remain strong due to our nation’s aching need to experience it again. Our industry had to adapt and fast, but we bonded together, got creative, and got it done. I could not be more proud to be a part of this resilient community and look forward to an even stronger 2023!





— Brittany Hunter is executive vice president of client relations with LGC. This Q&A originally was published in the August 2022 issue of Retail & Restaurant Facility Business magazine. For more information in having your company profiled in a future Signature Vendor Spotlight, please contact Scott Royal at [email protected].







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