Macy’s Converting to LED Lighting

by Nate Hunter

Deerfield Beach, FL — This year, Macy’s plans to install 280,000 LEDs in over 200 stores as part of its overall sustainability plan.


Deerfield Beach, FL — National department store chain Macy’s has a wide ranging program to reduce energy consumption and waste as part of the company’s comprehensive effort to promote sustainability and operating efficiency. Part of this program includes the continued replacement of halogen lighting with long-life, super efficient LED lighting, including MSi iPARs. Last year Macy’s replaced over 130,000 60-watt halogen bulbs, and in 2011 another 280,000 LED lights will be installed in over 200 stores.

Unlike hot and high wattage halogen lights, the extremely efficient LED lights use a fraction of the wattage and produce very little heat, lowering the amount of energy needed for air conditioning. Additional savings are realized in the lower maintenance and replacement cost for LED lighting. The typical 60-watt halogen light burning 12 hours a day will need to be replaced approximately every 6 months. The new Macy’s LED lamps burning 12 hours a day will last for more than a decade and produce far less landfill waste.

Considered the world leader in solid-state lighting technology for miner’s cap-lights, MSi has provided hundreds of thousands of LED mine lighting products to the gold and platinum mines throughout the world. Leveraging their LED expertise, and in collaboration with the leading optic developers and LED manufacturers globally, MSi has proven this same LED technology with accent spot and flood lighting for retail, commercial, furniture, restaurants and museums.

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