Mahoney Environmental Acquires Waste Oil Recyclers (WOR)

by Katie Lee

Joliet, Ill. — Mahoney Environmental, a leading recycler of used cooking oil for 65 years, has purchased WOR – Waste Oil Recyclers, Inc., a used oil recycling company based in Modena, Pa., a suburb of Philadelphia. The integration of WOR into Mahoney Environmental will allow for direct service to Mahoney customers throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.

The October 2017 acquisition of this recycling company is a strong fit into the Mahoney Environmental strategy to grow its reach in the direct servicing of its customers for used cooking oil collection, recycling and other back-of-the-house service needs. Through purchasing WOR, Mahoney Environmental will continue to expand these services nationally and solidify its spot as one of the nation’s top licensed recyclers in the United States.

“This acquisition will bring significant volume and contribute to Mahoney growth in self-service coverage, now at 27 states. WOR is unique in the depths to which their recycling culture drives their entire operation, nothing is wasted. They are just as passionate as Mahoney when it comes to their service culture and taking care of their customers. We see this as a common focal point going forward,” says Rick Sabol, president of Mahoney Environmental. “The previous owners, Jim Bricker and Brendan Steer, will join Mahoney as part of the transition team for the Mid-Atlantic operation.”

“For over 10 years WOR has provided used cooking oil removal and recycling services in the region. Our goal of exceeding customer expectations is ongoing and we are thrilled to be a part of the transition as Mahoney will continue with what we started,” says Bricker and Steer.

Mahoney Environmental is a licensed EPA recycler and a leader in used cooking oil collection and recycling. It engineers the most reliable equipment to make back-of-the-house foodservice operations more efficient and provide the highest level of service. Mahoney Environmental also provides grease trap services to foodservice operators nationwide, servicing national and regional chains, as well as independent restaurants throughout the United States. Fresh oil programs in select markets are also available through Mahoney Environmental.

Since 1953, Mahoney Environmental has been recycling used cooking oil, grease trap material and other waste products into materials that are sustainably transformed into products such as animal feed and alternative biofuels. For more information, visit

SOURCE: Mahoney Environmental

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