MaintenX Urges Businesses to Prepare for Holiday Shopping with Maintenance

Tampa, Fla. — Analysts predict that falling COVID-19 rates and high consumer demand will cause holiday shoppers to show up online and in-person earlier and in numbers much higher than last year. While great news for retailers, the surge in business tempo can challenge operations and facilities managers who are not prepared, according to MaintenX, a leading commercial facility maintenance and repair company.

“Repairing and refreshing storefronts and interiors as well as making sure distribution and supply operations facilities are running smoothly should be top priorities for managers right now,” says Bill Schaphorst, vice president of business development at MaintenX.

A facility refresh should begin with the exterior. Shoppers make purchasing decisions with their eyes before they ever enter a store, and the cleaner and more inviting your facility, the more foot traffic you are likely to get. If your landscaping is unkempt, your exterior paint is worn, your lighting is lacking, or your roof is leaking, now is the time to update.

Inside, don’t neglect your floors. Shoppers will notice if your tile is scuffed and chipped or your wood flooring is dull and tired. Even more important, a damaged floor creates potential safety issues that should be addressed immediately so customers do not trip or fall on your sales floor.

Although there is no merchandise within, bathrooms are the only physical amenity most stores provide to their guests. This makes them among the most important spaces to maintain in good condition. A dirty or malfunctioning bathroom distracts your customers from a pleasant shopping experience and could cause them to wonder what else in your store is in poor condition. Making sure these conveniences are assets, not liabilities should be a top priority in preparing for the holiday rush.

“This brief lull before the holiday shopping season is the best time to get your facility in top shape,” Schaphorst says. “Good planning will ensure that everything stays attractive and functional throughout the time of high foot traffic and potential extreme weather.”

MaintenX International is a fully licensed, facilities repair company. With its team of well-trained technicians, MaintenX self-performs and manages facility maintenance for its clients. For more than 40 years, MaintenX has been expertly serving multi-location retail stores, restaurant chains and Fortune 500 companies nationwide.



SOURCE: MaintenX International

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