ServiceMaster Launches New Anti-Microbial Service

by Katie Lee

Memphis, Tenn. — ServiceMaster Brands, a leading provider of essential cleaning and disinfecting services to homes and businesses, has entered into an exclusive agreement with Goldshield Technologies, maker of proprietary antiseptic and anti-microbial products that actively kill microorganisms on surfaces for up to 90 days. This new service offering is the next generation of infection prevention and will be available to all 1,200 ServiceMaster Restore and ServiceMaster Clean franchises nationwide.

Goldshield products are EPA-approved for a wide variety of applications, including hospitals, daycares, schools, senior living facilities, gyms, salons and restaurants. This new step in ServiceMaster’s protocols takes infection prevention beyond disinfection; the new anti-microbial protection will help keep facilities free from dangerous microbes for weeks.

“With the addition of Goldshield products, ServiceMaster introduces an important advancement in the fight against bacteria and infectious diseases,” explains Peter Duncanson, director of commercial operations for ServiceMaster Restore. “Breaking the chain of infection can be difficult. Cleaning and disinfecting surfaces kills bacteria and helps prevent disease, but surfaces can be re-infected soon after cleaning. This new technology complements ServiceMaster disinfecting and sanitizing processes, providing a barrier that continuously safeguards against dangerous microbes on surfaces. It’s an important development in infection prevention that creates a safer, healthier environment for a relatively long period of time.”

The killing action of the new anti-microbial technology is different than traditional disinfectants. Most disinfectants encapsulate microorganisms, releasing bacteria-killing chemicals into the cells. Goldshield has a long carbon chain, like a bed of nails, that releases an ionic charge that destroys the cell structure, while its chemistry denatures proteins, killing the organism on contact.

Goldshield can be applied by commercial pressure sprayer or pump-sprayer to most surfaces including countertops, fabrics and carpet. It forms a strong chemical bond that will not leach off, and it remains on the surface even through subsequent cleanings. The water-based formulation poses no respiratory or contact risk.

“We expect this service to be very appealing for any facility that has high human traffic,” says Duncanson. “Frequent cleaning and disinfecting are extremely important, but it’s unrealistic to clean constantly. A ServiceMaster cleaning system that includes a long-acting anti-microbial treatment provides a significantly higher level of infection prevention for everyone who enters the facility, even between cleanings.”

ServiceMaster Clean and ServiceMaster Restore are part of the ServiceMaster Brands family of businesses. The company is headquartered in Memphis, Tenn., and has 1,200 franchises worldwide. ServiceMaster was founded in 1929 and began franchise operations in 1952. ServiceMaster is owned by Clayton, Dubilier and Rice, LLC (CD&R).



SOURCE: ServiceMaster

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