California’s Sierra Vista Mall Adds Solar Panels from King Energy

by Katie Lee

Clovis, Calif. — The Sierra Vista Mall has added a new solar program from King Energy that is expected to generate 2,830 megawatts of sustainable energy annually for the 762,000-square-foot shopping mall in Clovis, Calif.

“This groundbreaking solar initiative represents a significant step forward in our commitment to environmental stewardship at the Sierra Vista Mall,” says Elliot Nassim, president of Mason Asset Management. “In addition to its remarkable environmental impact, this solar program will generate numerous benefits for Sierra Vista Mall and the local community. By decreasing reliance on non-renewable energy sources, we anticipate substantial cost savings over time, allowing us to reinvest in enhancing the shopping experience and supporting the growth of our business partners.”

Below are some additional benefits to the solar program:

• Solar-generated electricity is provided at a rate 10% lower than the utility retail rate.

• Solar array/system has 1,790 kW of solar capacity.

• The solar program is expected to generate 2,830,000 of kWh (2,830 in megawatt-hours) of energy annually.

• Greenhouse gas emission offsets equivalent to 2,246,548 pounds of coal burned or 4,639 barrels of oil consumed.

“Our goal is to make solar simple and mutually beneficial for everyone at Sierra Vista Mall,” says John Witchel, CEO of King Energy. “By renting the roof space, we offer discounted solar energy to tenants at no cost to the owners. Solar lowers energy bills without disrupting day-to-day business, providing local, clean energy compared to conventional sources. This project wouldn’t have been possible without the support of Namdar Realty Group, whose commitment to their tenants brought solar to Sierra Vista Mall.”

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SOURCE: King Energy

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