Clarvue Launches Advanced Dark Site Management Tool

Irvine, Calif. — Clarvue Inc., a leading custom software solutions company, has launched a new dark site management tool that helps all types of retailers manage their closed locations effectively and efficiently as market dynamics shift and portfolio changes become necessary.

The newly launched tool allows for asset tracking, risk management and mitigation, compliance, lease management, vendor management and remote monitoring. The management tool reduces the operation and financial burden of dark sites from time of announcement, until they are no longer part of the real estate portfolio. Specifically related to dark sites, the tool has been used to manage hundreds of projects for retailers.

“This rapidly changing retail environment has created a tremendous need for retailers to effectively and efficiently manage dark sites,” says Mike MacKenzie, president and founder of Clarvue. “The majority of retail management tools are designed to open and operate new and or existing sites, with very little attention to effective management of closures. There are substantial cost savings and efficiencies retailers can realize with our dark site management tool, and Clarvue is pleased to assist retailers with this overlooked market need.”

“Our platform serves as a single efficiency tool for associates, multiple departments, merchants and outside facility vendors, delivering tangible ROI and financial and operational results,” says Robin Walker, Clarvue’s chief operating officer. “We have a passion for executing projects that make mundane operations and processes more effective and efficient for all types of retailers — healthcare, discount, specialty, casual/fast dining — whether they operate a handful or thousands of locations.”

Clarvue, Inc. has been used by more than 50 leading retailers and partnered with leading real estate service companies, to maximize efficiency in facilities management, merchandising, operation efficiency, IT and project management. Clarvue has been assisting retailers for over 20 years and is based in Orange County, Calif. For more information, visit



SOURCE: Clarvue, Inc.

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