Demonstration: Smarter Cleaning for Retail, Grocery & Restaurant Facilities

by Sarah Daniels


The Dec. 1 “Smarter Cleaning for Retail, Grocery & Restaurant Facilities” demonstration, hosted by Retail & Restaurant Facility Business, focused on important topics for any facility interested in cleanliness. Kaivac’s vice president of business development, Mike Perazzo, also makes note of easy ways to promote employee satisfaction (in a time when there is a shortage of labor) and making cleaning easier (in a time when hygiene has never been more important).

Check out some of the important topics and their video timestamps below, or click to hear Perazzo talk about how staff can clean better, faster and happier with a variety of cleaning systems.

  • (4:08) No-touch restroom cleaning. Boosting employee productivity can be a matter of designing products for their needs. Cleaning solutions that help workers stay upright and ergonomically comfortable can encourage more (and more thorough) cleaning.up-right cleaning
  • (5:35) Easier training. Part of keeping employees content (especially in high-turnover sectors) is training them quickly and easily. Multi-language training videos as part of the equipment can make on-the-job training simpler, fun and fast.
  • (11:36) Cleaning food service kitchens. Lightweight, easy-to-store solutions that can withstand heavy-duty conditions make for more thorough cleaning, especially in kitchen areas, where avoiding contamination is a top concern.

Click here to watch the full demonstration, and learn about the benefits of a high-flow fluid extraction approach to cleaning  restaurant and retail areas safely and effectively.

Sponsored by Kaivac. Kaivac develops science-based hygienic cleaning systems that protect the health of building occupants while raising the value of cleaning operations.

Listen to hear about cleaning technology that encourages employees to use high-flow fluid extraction to reduce their workload. The outcome is ergonomically friendly, fast and more hygienic.

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