FM Case Study: MaintenX is on the Scene

Tampa, Fla. — There is no good time for store flooding, but it’s even more difficult for facility managers during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, for one Georgia facility manager, MaintenX was able to turn around a bad situation, quickly, professionally and — most importantly — safely. When the mobile phone store reopened, the staff faced 3 inches of standing water throughout the shop (due to a leaky toilet), and the adjacent store was also damaged. After reaching out to MaintenX, its Emergency Response crew was able to respond in less than 90 minutes.

The toilet leak created enough water damage to require the removal of all flooring from the store, and all counters and fixtures on the sales floor required replacement.

“Every minute matters when your facility is on the line,” says Bill Schaphorst, vice president of business development at MaintenX. “MaintenX technicians understand the stress of an unexpected water damage. I am proud of how our team was able to respond and complete repairs for our client.”

MaintenX’s team members worked safely and swiftly, being mindful of the current COVID-19 safety protocols, to rebuild the bases of the sales floor counters, repair drywall and paint the entire store. Repairs also included the cutting, painting and installation of a new wood cove base around the entire sales floor and new carpet tile throughout the store. MaintenX also repaired and reinstalled all store fixtures on the sales floor.

Technicians arrived early and stayed late to help meet the client’s goal to reopen quickly, putting in over 400 hours of labor to get the job done. The work was completed to open the store’s doors for business just 7 days later.

“We are always ready to help businesses and believe it’s more important than ever to be there for our clients during these stressful days,” says Schaphorst. “MaintenX is proud to provide services that facility managers trust in their times of need.”

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SOURCE: MaintenX International

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