IKEA Unveils More Energy Efficient Store

by Nate Hunter

Burlington, ON (Canada) — IKEA Canada plans to open three stores in 1 year. IKEA aims for the new wave of stores to be 40% more efficient than the last store built in 2004.


Burlington, ON (Canada) — IKEA Canada turns its focus to sustainability as the company enters into a period of heavy expansion, opening three stores in 1 year. IKEA is committed to having this new wave of stores be 40% more efficient than the last store built in 2004. IKEA Richmond, Canada’s newest store set to open on April 25th, 2012, will feature a geothermal installation, rainwater harvesting, a solar equipped navigation tower as well as approximately one tree for every six parking spaces. There will also be a new edible garden located on the store’s rooftop.

“IKEA recognizes the importance of our business having a positive impact on people and the environment,” says Maya Abdou, store manager of IKEA Richmond.

Energy-efficient highlights from the store include:

• Permeable pavement absorbs rainwater to improve drainage

• Highly reflective rooftop will reduce solar heating in the summer

• LED garage lighting

• Native plants in the landscaping eliminate the need for excessive maintenance

• 76 store skylights will allow daylight harvesting and save energy

• Building automation system yields far more energy efficiency

• Use of efficient lighting sources (LED, T5 and CFL)

• Office area equipped with light occupancy sensors

• Use of de-stratification fans in warehouse to mix air and increase temperature efficiency

• Use of non-solvent based paints with low VOC (volatile organic compounds)

• Hybrid parking spots

• 100 bicycle racks for customers and coworkers

• In-store customer take-back recycling for bulbs and batteries

• Use of environmentally-friendly cleaning solvents, and tissue/paper towel products

• Use of high efficiency hand-dryers

• Use of indoor air quality sensors

• Improved waste/recycling sorting areas planned; compactor room, office area and retail floor

• Use of low-flow plumbing equipment

• Use of water faucet sensors in bathrooms

• Efficient central heating and cooling plants warm and cool the building

IKEA is a leading home furnishings retailer with 325 stores in 40 countries worldwide. IKEA Canada has 11 stores. For more information, visit: www.IKEA.ca or www.IKEA.com.




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