MINISO Accelerates Global Development with New Brand Strategy

by Katie Lee

Guangzhou, China — On February 24, 2023, global lifestyle retailer MINISO held a conference titled “MINISO – Bringing Joy to the World,” to unveil its global brand strategy in Guangzhou, China. The company took the opportunity to announce its new brand positioning and brand symbol, global development strategy, product strategy, etc.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the founding of MINISO, as well as the opening year of its updated global brand strategy.

“The new global strategy marks the future of the company’s deep participation in the global retail market and its progress towards a brand-new world-class technology-based consumer enterprise,” says CEO Jack Ye.

Adds Ye: “To gain high-quality development on the global stage, MINISO has to evolve into a super brand stage by achieving three transformations: transforming from a retail channel to a lifestyle brand, from a retail company to a content creator, and transforming our customers to our users.”

As of December 31, 2022, MINISO had entered 105 countries and regions across five continents, with over 5,400 stores globally. MINISO plans to invest in the construction of four design centers in China, the United States, Japan and South Korea as well.

According to Robin Liu, MINISO has upgraded its storefronts, platform and services, as well as launched a premium flagship store running on a brand-new model. On February 5, the first flagship store of MINISO was unveiled in Chengdu, signifying the start of the company’s move to make its in name urban shopping districts and premium shopping centers.

MINISO Group is a global lifestyle retailer offering a variety of design-led lifestyle products. The company serves consumers primarily through its large network of MINISO stores, and promotes a relaxing, treasure-hunting and engaging shopping experience full of delightful surprises that appeals to all demographics. Aesthetically pleasing design, quality and affordability are at the core of every product in MINISO’s wide product portfolio, and the company continually and frequently rolls out products with these qualities. Since the opening of its first store in China in 2013, the company has built its flagship brand “MINISO” as a globally recognized retail brand and established a massive store network worldwide.






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