Paytouch Partners with UberEats and Local Restaurants to Boost Delivery Orders

San Francisco — As cities around the country shut down amid COVID-19 fears, few industries are feeling the effects quite as harshly as restaurants.

The long term impact on restaurants and their staff is predicted to be devastating. In a matter of weeks, restaurants have gone from service as usual to, in many cases, a 100% loss in income. According to a report by the Job Quality Index (JQI), a research project from Cornell Law School and the Coalition for a Prosperous America, in the restaurant industry alone more than 10 million jobs are at risk. Many of these are low-wage positions making the potential layoffs even more devastating for vulnerable workers.

However, there is some hope for saving the industry through takeout and food delivery orders.

Allowing restaurants to remain open will not only help feed local residents in lockdown but, more importantly, it will help save jobs and small businesses. While restaurant dining rooms continue to shut across the country, food delivery orders are up. These orders help to support not only restaurant owners but restaurant employees and even more vulnerable gig economy workers, like those delivering for UberEats.

Paytouch, a POS and restaurant management system, is partnering with UberEats, which enables restaurants to recoup possible revenue through delivery orders.

“In times like these, it’s important to help the restaurant owners that have been the backbone of our communities,” says Robert Marhamat, CEO of Paytouch. “It’s time to forget about our revenues, forget about profits and focus on helping others in need. We are all in this together. As an organization, we believe it’s time to take action and do what we can to support our local restaurants and communities.”

The COVID-19 crisis will most likely be devastating to the restaurant industry as a whole. Paytouch would like to help restaurants minimize the interruption of sales, with the adoption of online ordering and delivery becoming a key element of getting ahead of the losses. If online ordering, takeout and delivery are not currently part of a restaurant’s business model, Paytouch would like to help your business build them out quickly and at no cost.

To that end, all restaurants will receive:

  • 3 months of POS service: $79/month is now FREE
  • Online ordering platform : $49/month is now FREE indefinitely
  • FREE Delivery Integration Module (integration with third-party takeout and delivery apps): $89/month is now FREE indefinitely

Paytouch, established in 2017, was built to help empower restaurateurs and help their businesses thrive. Its platform helps restaurateurs orchestrate their operations through an innovative point-of-sale and end-to-end operations system. The AI-based controls help restaurants thrive by managing and simplifying everything from the POS system to staff management, marketing, inventory, online orders and delivery.




SOURCE: Paytouch

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