Pet Wants Added 22 Franchise Locations in 2020, Plans 47 More in 2021

by Katie Lee

Cincinnati — Pet Wants, the Cincinnati-based high-quality pet food and supplies franchise, has enjoyed record-setting sales for the 10th consecutive month. January and February sales increased year-over-year by 35% and 26%, respectively. March is now the second highest sales month in Pet Wants’ history, only falling short to December 2020.

Pet Wants, which is part of the Strategic Franchising family, provides pet owners with premium, fresh pet food, free of animal by-products and non-nutritious fillers.

“The pet industry exploded in 2020, and we were all curious to see if that momentum would take us into the new year,” says Chris Seman, president of Strategic Franchising. “The Q1 sales numbers show us that Pet Wants continues to be a great investment, and we are really excited about the future.”

Pet Wants added 22 new franchise locations in 2020 and increased its overall sales by 25%. The company plans to add an additional 47 locations in 2021 as the pet industry continues to grow at a rapid rate.

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Pet Wants was founded in Cincinnati in 2010 to bring fresh, natural and conveniently delivered pet food to pet families. Pet Wants pet food is personally delivered to homes within weeks of being made, at the height of freshness. The food doesn’t sit in warehouses and on store shelves for many months, getting stale and losing nutritional value like most mass-produced, national brands. Since 2015 Pet Wants has expanded into a national presence and grown to more than 100 locations. Learn more about Pet Wants at




SOURCE: Pet Wants

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