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by Katie Lee

— By Rusty Amarante —

The future looks bright for service-based franchises.


Providing specialized and on-demand services, service-based businesses currently represent a large portion of the franchise establishments in the United States. For almost a decade, service-based franchises have been on the rise because of the nation’s high demand for services that require technical skills and expertise, and those that cater towards commercial and residential upkeep are most prevalent. To maintain the proper safety standards that these properties are expected to meet, the expert teams that provide maintenance services are and always will be continually needed, especially within the restaurant industry.

Rusty Amarante, Belfor Franchise Group

Along with upkeep, restaurants are — now more than ever — faced with high pressure to compete for the acceptance and likeness of their customers, especially from younger consumers. Soon to be the nation’s largest generation, millennials are spending more time and money at restaurants that offer locally grown food, bargain prices and “Instagrammable moments.” In trying to keep up with the trends of today, restaurants are scrambling to think of fresh and innovative ideas to meet their consumers’ expectations. However, foodservice owners and operators can be sure of one thing: these challenges can’t be overcome without a safe and smooth-running kitchen, and high-quality service-based franchises can help them accomplish their goals.

Due to popular demand within the restaurant business, our commercial kitchen cleaning franchise has significantly expanded its network and continues to grow. These service-based companies, which implement kitchen exhaust system cleaning and preventative maintenance services in kitchens of all sizes, relieve restaurant owners from the worry of passing mandatory cleanliness inspections. In addition, service-based kitchen maintenance companies are responsible for ensuring that equipment is highly maintained and that safety-related disasters, like kitchen fires, are avoided. This demand for services ultimately contributes to success for both businesses.

Like kitchen maintenance services, there has also been a growing number of requests for water and flood damage restoration work. With weather-based events and natural disasters occurring more frequently and severely, this should come as no surprise. Service-based disaster recovery companies have worked and continue to work boundlessly, repairing disaster-struck communities to help families and businesses restore their properties and lives as quickly as possible.

Regardless of industry, today’s service-based franchises effectively assist individuals looking to maintain, improve or restore their business or residence. The wide variety and steady work provided by service-based franchises has attracted today’s younger generations, who are moving away from careers in corporate America to careers in fields that fulfill their interests and offer impactful services to consumers. In particular, young entrepreneurs are turning to the diverse field of service-based franchises to meet these needs, as the industry is a platform to exert their talents and lead businesses that positively impact the community. Ultimately, the appeal to younger business owners will lead to further franchise development.

In the future, service-based franchises will only continue to grow. Built on a strong foundation, these businesses provide expertise in industries such as commercial and residential maintenance that will always need assistance — whether that’s preventing kitchen fires, restoring water-damaged areas or meeting sanitary standards. For these reasons and more, the future of service-based franchises looks bright as these businesses continue to grow and attract a younger generation of owners and employees.


— Rusty Amarante is director of operations for BELFOR Property Restoration and president of BELFOR Franchise Group, where he builds positive partnerships amongst the HOODZ, 1-800 WATER DAMAGE and DUCTZ brands. For more information on BELFOR Franchise Group, visit





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