Smokey Bones Fully Reopens All Restaurants, Adds a New Location with Ghost Kitchen and Virtual Restaurant

Aventura, Fla. — Smokey Bones reopened all of its 61 restaurants in 16 states on June 30.  During the pandemic, Smokey Bones created and opened its 61st restaurant, a ghost kitchen in Chicago and opened a new brand, The Wing Experience, in June as a virtual restaurant located inside its ghost kitchen.

“We are proud to not only have reopened all of our restaurants, but we have demonstrated, with the launch of our ghost and virtual kitchens, that Smokey Bones is a growth brand, now and in the future,” says James O’Reilly, CEO of Smokey Bones. “During the shutdown of dining rooms, we intensified our focus on curbside pickup and delivery, and launched pop-up drive-thrus, all of which propelled our off-premise business to the highest levels we have ever experienced. We intend to continue emphasizing off premise service options as our guests also return to our dining rooms.”

Smokey Bones has also started recalling furloughed employees and is seeking new employees to fill open positions.

Smokey Bones is following all CDC and state guidelines and takes all necessary precautions to serve guests while keeping them and employees safety. Some of the safety measures will include spacing tables farther apart to maintain social distancing; masks and glove usage for employees; and rigorous and frequent cleaning of restrooms, dining rooms and waiting areas.

“Guest and employee safety remain our Number 1 priority, and we are excited to be welcoming guests back to our dining rooms,” says Hal Lawlor, Smokey Bones’ chief operating officer.

Smokey Bones partnered with Kitchen United to open the Chicago ghost kitchen and virtual restaurant. Guests can order for delivery only or pick up their orders at Kitchen United’s location at 831 N. Sedgwick St. Uber Eats is the exclusive delivery service for The Wing Experience.

Smokey Bones is a full-service restaurant with 61 locations across 16 states. Smokey Bones is an affiliate of Boca Raton, Fla.-based Sun Capital Partners, whose portfolio of restaurants also includes Friendly’s and Johnny Rockets. For more information, visit



SOURCE: Smokey Bones

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