Be Prepared

— By Bill Flynn — Preparedness is the best protection against workplace violence.   Restaurant and retail workers have been on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic since the beginning. Every day these essential workers are exposed to the

Extinguish the Threat

— By Chad Connor — The importance of checking your restaurant’s fire safety.   Restaurant kitchens have many places where fires can occur. Business owners need to be aware of potential fire hazards and take preventative steps when it comes

Rise Above the Risk

— By Justin Kissinger — Why scissor lifts rise to the top in safety.   Whether young or old, short or tall, every employee has the right to be safe while performing tasks on the jobsite, and high-reach work in

3 Tips For a Safer Retailer & Restaurant Return

— By Jude Charles —   Retailers and restaurants all around the country are slowly considering the prospect of reopening their doors as federal, state and local restrictions begin to relax. While welcoming customers and employees back to your business

Focus on Floors

Floor safety is a hot button issue with OSHA right now. Are your floors ready for inspection?