No Time For Flies

— By Pat Hottel — Controlling filth flies inside — and outside — restaurant facilities.   Filth flies, like house flies and bottle flies, reproduce quickly and are associated with pathogen laden environments like manure, garbage and sewage. The bodies

Back to Service

— By Patricia Hottel — Managing pests during the pandemic.   Characterizing the effects of the pandemic on restaurant pests can be difficult due to the varied responses across the industry. Coping with COVID-19 challenges has resulted in varying degrees

Month to Month

— By Dr. Nancy Troyano — The most common pest issues in restaurants by month — and what you need to know to defeat them.   With plenty of food, sugar-rich beverages, moisture and heat, restaurants are essentially the perfect

Controlling Interest

— By Carol L. Carey — How to control social media and news coverage of your establishment through effective, preventative pest control.   Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, local news outlets and even national television cover everything: the good, the bad

No Pests, More Guests

— By Mike Watt —   How to get rid of the frequent diners you do NOT want.   There is no privacy anymore, and no privacy can often turn into terrible publicity for restaurants. For instance, go to YouTube

Modern Warfare

— By Shane McCoy — How technological developments are changing pest management. Pest management is an ancient practice, one that has existed since crops have been cultivated for food. Just because it’s been around since the beginning of time, though,

Realities of Retail Pest Problems

— By Angela Tucker, Ph.D. — It’s not just a restaurant problem: Here are some common pests in retail facilities. With frequent deliveries, changing inventories and new visitors every day, retailers face a unique set of pest control challenges and

Do You See What I See?

— By Carol L. Carey — It’s also what’s OUTSIDE that counts with customers. Your company has prepared by making sure the market research has been done, you have all the latest gadgets, toys, clothing and items everyone would want

Terminix Commercial Launches New Pest Perceptions Report

Memphis, Tenn. — Terminix Commercial, a division of ServiceMaster, has released its first-ever Pest Perceptions Report, an in-depth study of the pest problems businesses such as hotels, restaurants, retailers and apartments face, as well as their confidence in taking them

Keeping Flies at Bay

To prevent flies and other insects from becoming a problem in your kitchen, there is no substitute for proper cleaning and maintenance.

Mutually Beneficial

What you should expect from your pest management professional…and what they should expect from you.

Rentokil To Rebrand As Rentokil Steritech

Reading, Pa. — Following its acquisition of The Steritech Group, Inc. in October 2015, Rentokil North America is rebranding its North American pest control operations as Rentokil Steritech.

Manage & Minimize

How to reduce pesticide exposure risk in public settings through Integrated Pest Management.