Deep Green Waste & Recycling, Inc. Appoints CFO

by Katie Lee

Marietta, Ga. — Deep Green Waste & Recycling, Inc. has added Josh Beckham as chief financial officer. Beckham is a CPA with over 16 years of experience in senior corporate financial management and has spent the last 8 years overseeing a succession of financial and analytical departments at AT&T.

“We are thrilled to bring Josh aboard as CFO,” says Bill Edmonds, CEO of Deep Green. “We expect Josh to be a tremendous addition to the senior team. He has a long history of success and will be a tremendous asset going forward. We have teed up a great plan going forward and are on track to drive a very good 2018 and having Josh aboard as CFO is very important to that effort. With near full employment and rising consumer spending, waste per capita will continue to grow and we are well-positioned for robust growth.”

Deep Green is a full-service waste & recycling company that manages services to and logistics for large commercial properties throughout the continental U.S. The company has a presence in 35 states across the Midwest, South and East regions of the United States, and serves approximately 300 commercial customers.

Deep Green also provides complete waste equipment handling solutions, which include design, engineering, fabrication and installation of new and used equipment along with maintenance services through its wholly owned subsidiary, Compaction and Recycling Equipment Inc.


SOURCE: Deep Green Waste & Recycling, Inc.

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