MaintenX Urges Facility Managers to Plan for Summer Challenges

Tampa, Fla. — 2020 has been difficult for facility managers (FMs), especially those in small businesses. Challenges surrounding cash flow, remote work and personal safety are understandably top of mind. In addition to all these COVID-19 related challenges, hurricanes and summer heat are on their way.

CNN reports that a broad spectrum of experts predict an above-average number of storms; some project an extremely active season. An average of predictions for the season, which runs from June 1 through November 30, forecasts eight hurricanes and 17 named storms. By comparison, an average hurricane season produces six hurricanes and 12 named storms.

But severe weather isn’t the only challenge summer brings; heat can cause problems in and of itself by straining HVAC systems. Because those systems will be running more intensely and for more hours, they are more prone to breaking down. Such system failures can be extremely costly, not only in repairs but in unplanned facility downtime.

“The time to plan for the summer is now,” says Bill Schaphorst, vice president of business development at MaintenX. “Facilities are empty right now because of COVID-19, giving managers an opportunity to harden their infrastructure against storms, conduct preventative maintenance checks on vital systems, and make any necessary repairs.”

There’s another relevant benefit to prioritizing HVAC maintenance: keeping your facility’s air as pure as possible. You and your workforce will feel better knowing that even their facility’s infrastructure is working to keep them healthy.

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SOURCE: MaintenX International

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